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Microsoft targets 1 million Xbox 360 sales in Japan


Microsoft Corp's Japanese unit aims to achieve its domestic sales target of one million units for the Xbox 360 video game console as quickly as possible, a senior official said on Friday. Microsoft Co, the U.S. software giant's unit, hopes to boost sales by leveraging new games and boosting sales promotion efforts, Takashi Sensui, executive officer and chief of the home and entertainment division of the Tokyo-based firm, said.

The Japanese unit has increased sales of the Xbox 360, which lagged behind in the Japanese market, since cutting retail prices in early September. According to Enterbrain Inc., a game magazine publisher, Xbox 360 sales were about 54,000 units in the month, exceeding those of the rival PlayStation 3 of Sony Corp for the first time.

The Xbox 360 now has a sufficient number of games compared with the rival machine, Sensui said. Additionally, Microsoft plans to strengthen its promotional activities, including television advertising, ahead of the year-end holidays, Sensui added.


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Microsoft need to fix their overheating problem, I'm on my 3rd xbox, I know people on their 5th

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they won't win. just not popular here and PS3 is just finally getting its stride too.

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and as stated above, they sold more units in a month than the PS3 for 1st time probably due to all those people buying their replacement 360 after the last one overheated

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maybe they'll do it in 10 years time

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Blackflag, Those results came immediately after a big price cut. It's doubtful whether such a surge is sustainable.

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either way, with a lot of PS3 titles turning multiplatform, the 360 should pick up some speed. Tekken 6 will be on the 360 also. Glad Namco at least learned. Probably cause Soul Calibur IV sold so well on the 360 in the states.

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