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Microsoft to buy gaming giant Activision Blizzard for $69 bil

By Glenn Chapman and Joshua Melvin

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At least they'll have some new games for game pass I guess.

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Usually I would worry about how things would end up for a good company that have produced high quality games over mnay years, but for Activision Blizzard the current situation is terrible so it is difficult to think how it could be even worse.

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The US Federal Government should prevent this by all legal means. This is exactly the kind of merger that allows companies like Macroshaft to gain market control and suppress competition to the detriment of the public.

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I wonder how much the BA drama affected the 68 billion price tag. I could see it costing Activision at least a percentage or 2.

Also would like to see what’s going to happen with EA and Microsoft’s relationship. EA origin is a service promoted on Xbox live.

Before the Comcast/Universal merger and the Disney/Fox Studios aquistion, I would have said the Feds would stop this. Now I see everything going ahead and no real changes felt till 2026.

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This is the beginning of the end of the PlayStation brand.

The market share of Call of Duty series is such in the US and EU that there is no way Sony can survive this.

Of course people in Japan wouldn't understand what just happened, but this is basically same as Sony buying the exclusivity of the Final Fantasy series for the PlayStation 1, but in perpetuity, which helped Sony to overtake Sega and Nintendo.

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Dang! They aquired Bethesta last year and now they also have Blizzard. Those are two huge names in the gaming industry.

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So those at the top that allowed all the toxicity and sexual harassment continue for years will now get a massive pay-out upon completion of the deal and walk away even richer then they could have imagined.


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Whether you're a fan of Microsoft or not, you can't fault their strategy here.

It's not a console war anymore, it's a content war.

Microsoft (with gamepass) is just ahead of the curve.

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A fool and his money soon parted, they can buy a NFL. Franchise and get a 100 percent return on their money

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This is the beginning of the end of the PlayStation brand.

Microsoft is betting on cloud gaming and game pass. Any of these requires massive resources, which Microsoft crazily has tons of resources. Sony can't sustain any of these projects!

Sony didn't enter the digitalization game as well as the rest of Japan Inc. This will be the total death for the whole Japan Inc in the long run. South Korea and Taiwan are already in the digitalization race with the rest of ASEAN. China is probably the only one ahead of the world, even above the US.

Microsoft's true rivals are Tencent, Apple, Alphabet, Metaverse not Sony.

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Yes, that’s quite an unbeatable trinity, CoD, Doom and FlightSimulator.

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