Microsoft to permanently close all retail stores


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Will anyone notice them gone?

While I don't think their software is much good - it's faired much better than their hardware ventures - zune etc which have been largely disastrous.

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I think MicroSoft is taking advantage of the CoronaVirus excuse. I like Apple.

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Last few years, Bill Gates and Microsoft getting lot of hateful comments/reviews After they helped billions of people for more than 40 years with some troubleshooting here and there.

A new company should be born and overtake Apple and it should be called Grapes or simply Potatoe.

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Apple rules! Always has.always will!

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Dang where will I get my Zune serviced now?

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Pretty embarrassing for Microsoft, after all .... they didn't have very many stores anyway .... compare that to all the Apple Stores! What is it? 4 or 5 in Japan alone!? I have never even seen a Microsoft store,

.... ok Microsoft have done much better under this new guy, their computers are pretty good, but don't rank very high in sales at all (from what I have seen) ..... hhhmmmm?

another fail I think

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It's not just Microsoft. Many brick-and-mortar stores are closing in the States, especially in malls, as online shopping is taking over. The coronavirus just exacerbated that, as even more people shop online to avoid the crowds and catching the virus

Microsoft already has presence in other electronic stores like Best Buy and Costco, with their own section of the store. In effect, they already have their mini-stores

The MS stores themselves pretty much functioned more as a demo (people go in to check out items, but then buy the items where it's on sale) and as a support center for business enterprises (they get lessons how to solve workplace issues)

The Covid-19 lockdown has forced people to instead go online, and then realized that they can do those things just fine online. There's less need for an onsite vis-a-vis

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They had some ?

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Apple's Stores are embarrassing affaires of self-over-glorification of said-"Geniuses" (i.e. Noobs - I've dealt with enough to know that - they're simply following Company manuals - and when something falls outside of that... then .... they are no good ) , and is simply operating a closed shop Cartel/Mafiosa Organisation which prevents any competition and muscles in when there is some, in order to stamp it out (look at the power cable chargers that on the next update become unrecognised). The sooner Apple is put under the Global Legal Monopoly Scrutiny the better. And its not just a matter of brand choice, their operation is akin to securities fraud - pump and dump. They pump up the offering, and once you bought in, your caught - without getting out. Apple will slow down your old device, or even essentially brick it, they will force you to upgrade hardware and even if that hardware is knowingly defective, wont fix it, before they wish you to upgrade to the next version.... China's CCP clearly took a leaf out of Apple's playbook, and played it back to us with this COVID-19 virus!

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That said on Apple, for Microsoft - they have serious issues to address in the coming months - their Teams product isn't working, and it's an organisational nightmare when it comes to keeping track of things you're talking about. UseNet NewsGroups worked... Microsoft's attempt to "copy" these, falls flat on its nose.

Also, the continual disconnects during WFH - shows tha Microsoft (Japan) isn't really focused upon this product - so either they've got something new to drop upon us, or they're just inept.

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I suspect the latter - which would go hand-in-hand with their store closures (which I didn't even know existed here in Japan)... Sadly I do feel for the Employees of those stores. This is a very bad time to loose employment.

The Unions may be able to help, potentially by forcing Microsoft to withdraw from Japan permanently if they don't help support it's former Employees. Do Seek Legal advice before signing anything!.

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