Microsoft to require U.S. employees to be fully vaccinated


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Maybe they should start by vaccinating their operating system

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Note the careful wording of their requirement. It isn't actually a requirement. There are lots of loopholes.

People taking anti-rejection drugs do have the option of getting off their medications for 2 weeks, getting vaccinated, then going back on their medications. They should talk with their doctors about the protocol. Not an option for everyone, but it is for many.

A niece is pregnant. She discussed getting vaccinated with her doctor and her mother (an M.D. too) and decided to get vaccinated. Nothing seems off about her pregnancy, I heard today. Some MDs are totally against the vaccines based on their individual needs in life. The difficult choice really comes for women who want to have babies and really want more testing for that situation and full FDA approval.

For everyone else over 12, there don't appear to be risks that are different from any other vaccinations we all got. There must be over 100K pregnant women who got vaccinated in 2021. That's a huge sample being watched.

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Good for them.

Exactly, theFu. Nobody, but nobody, ever said people with medical conditions that prevent them from taking this vaccination, should. But that is on the condition it is verified by a doctor.

As for safety, these vaccines are safe.

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That’s not an easy task, to put six weeks into less than four. lol

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Any company that requires workers to be close to each other in a closed space for long periods of time should require their employees to get vaccinated. The alternative is to reassign them that might require a paycut if they have to change positions. Economically, how much would a company loose by employees always getting sick and not showing up work or being sued by employees/ their family members for allowing for an unhealthy work environment.

People are required all the time to get vaccinations when traveling to various countries. There is not much difference.

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The virus has not been isolated, so these mandates are unlawful.

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As it should be.. It doesn't matter if the anti-science losers dislike it

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I have had employers who refused to hire tobacco users and would fire anyone they discovered used tobacco. It was a condition of employment. Smoke free work place and if you are non-smoker you can smell a smoker meters away. It's a disgusting smell. That is legal and so is requiring specific vaccines. I had to use malaria meds as a condition of employment for one employer. Same thing.

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