Microsoft touts Xbox One as all-in-one entertainment


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its exciting. but I am still leaning towards ps4 this next go. I am curious if M$ is even going to try and sell this in the Japanese market. They are poshing Skype, and social media, netflix, hulu. Japan doesn't even have netflix. They don't skype as much as the other countries.

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Sony and MS... the two dinosaurs from the past go at each other...

lol @ that lady with Google Glass.

-1 ( +0 / -1 ) (getting slammed so poor video buffering)

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Xbox 360 won’t work on the new system

Well that sucks, I don't have any space in the rack or free ports to the TV. I already use splitters and daisy chained power cables. I guess if you can't swap a system out then you can't sell it, meaning a smaller 2nd market for used consoles.

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Completely not what I want. I have a laptop and iPad for skype/facebook/casual gaming/etc... I want a console that does one thing very well: run epic, awesome, games with stunning graphics and music without crashing! I feel like something that tries to do everything usually does everything OK and nothing great... I'll wait for the console that DOES appeal to the core gamer.

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I watched this conference and seriously through out the whole hour they didnt show any gameplay 90% of all this was TV... It was stupid... My money is totaly on PS4 in their conference they showed off games and many interesting functions + built in streaming sounds amazing no more capture cards -.- Xbox really really dropped the ball there when it came to gamers. And seriously another Call of Duty game? When i see people play it all i hear is 9 year old screaming over the mic and insulting players and their mothers.

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As someone who's never owned a Microsoft game console, I was interested in the Xbox One and was looking forward to this announcement.

But... what a disappointment. Anti-consumer negatives all over the place! The biggest is the severe restrictions on borrowing your friends' games and buying used games: MS wants people who bu previously-owned discs to pay them a fee each time the disc changes hands. They plan to require the Xbox to go online once every 24 hours to check in with MS, and disable the Xbox if you're offline. (Good luck enjoying your games if you take the Xbox on vacation to a place where there's no internet connection.) Specs aren't what they could be. No backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360 or the original Xbox.

It's the anti-used-game stuff that bothers me the most. Today's kids can rediscover the classic games of two or three decades ago just by going to a used game shop and buying them -- usually at knockdown prices. What will happen in 2040 when the DRM servers that this next generation of games needs to connect to in order to function are long gone?

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Who cares. I'll be getting them all when the price is right. Only nationalists buy products based on country.

I'll be enjoying this new gen of gaming fully while the nationalists cry in a corner.

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"Sony and MS... the two dinosaurs from the past go at each other...

lol @ that lady with Google Glass."

Yet you don't mention Nintendo... who's been in this business the longest. I lol whenever fanboys look at Nintendo as something kiddy. Gaming itself is a hobby meant for all ages.

I feel sorry for the people that have to play games like Gears of War or Resistance to feel better about themselves. I will be enjoying my Mario, Zelda and Metroid. Nintendo is long overdue for a F Zero game.

Online wise, I'll be continuing my journey in Guild Wars 2 and soon to be Blade & Soul. Diablo 3 was a huge disappointment.

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