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Microsoft users struggle with Windows redesign


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LOL! As I think about it, that's exactly what we've done. Windows ME, anyone?

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Windows 7 just fine for my small business!!!

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Win8 is more for consumer use than business use. Besides, many big business are just now finishing switching to Win7 - they won't spend million$$ to switch again anytime soon.

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I't is a well known fact that you are supposed to skip every other version of all MS products.

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I'm personally sick of the IOS/Android OS interface.

The Windows tiles and layered presentation is far better than the IOS/Android icon presentation. Microsoft just needs a few iterations and tweaks to the OS and it's APP content and they will be fine. They should work with Sony to create a true premium tablet with lighter hardware.

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"Microsoft’s Vista operating system got off to a terrible start"

And the US federal government told Microsoft they would not use it, and indeed did not - they went from XP to 7. I suspect the US federal government will also skip 8 - it's big enough (as are large US corporations) to tell Microsoft "No".

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Nobody NEEDS to use metro, you can still use all your favorite programs through the desktop, which looks more or less like W7.

People will complain for a year or two, then move on and wonder what all the fuss was about. When Windows XP got rid of DOS, people complained on end, but it was for the best and it went on to be the most popular operating system in the world, with even a large portion of OSX users having access to it.

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Heh, this reminds me the time Mac users where switching from OS classic to OSX, lotsa confusion, people have to learn something new. Or when Linux started spreading. Learning something new is not necessarily bad. But future will tell if there's enough payoff.

As for those worried, Windows 7 will still be around for awhile. Heck, WinXP still gets support till 2014, more than a decade after release. Microsoft tends to keep support longer than other companies, mainly because it controls a big chunk of the market, especially large businesses, that conservatively takes time to switchover all those computers and tech support.

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Metro UI is perhaps OK on a pad, but on the desktop it sucks small unsuspecting members of the Sciuridae family through a garden hose.

And all the cool kids run BeOS anyways.

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MacOS is a fairly open UNIX-based OS, runs many of the apps written for Linux. The current Macs are designed around Intel's x86-series processors, so as a result a Mac can dual boot with Windows without a problem. A crossover of that is the Hackintosh community, which has produced the necessary hacks to run MacOS on PC hardware.

iOS is also UNIX-based, however it is compiled to run on the ARM chips that power most smartphones and tablets nowadays.

So it's two separate operating systems produced by the same company. iOS is also severely locked down, and "jailbreaking" the OS to install your own software voids the phone's warranty, hence all of the "walled garden" complaints.

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@lostinnagoya: iMacs do NOT run iOS. You are living in a very small world if you think that Hairdressers and restaurants make up the backbone of the business world. Find a bank or MAJOR corporation (other than a fashion house) that use Macs as the backbone of the business. I am NOT referring to employees using iPhones for their email. I would love to have Mac in my office but no external links that we have to use are even compatible with Mac OS.

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Microsoft better watch out with its heavy handed business unfriendly practices. It may be a giant now, but if it keeps up with its arrogance in thinking that people will continue to buy into drinking its kool aid because they command that much a presence, they better think again. I am still a windows user because I enjoy playing ROTS games like Total War which are only available on PC, but if I can find a better and seamless experience, consider me among the first to jump ship.

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iOS is indeed excellent, but only in use on ipod touch, iphne and the ipad. Doesn't REALLY cover the broad sprectrum that a business would need to survive!!! Another thoughtless comment.

You seem to be out of touch with reality. I know a lot of businesses that use iPads and iMacs synched thru iCloud, that includes my favorite restaurant, my hairdresser, the Herig stores where I buy my shirts, to mention a few.

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iOS is indeed excellent, but only in use on ipod touch, iphne and the ipad. Doesn't REALLY cover the broad sprectrum that a business would need to survive!!! Another thoughtless comment.

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If Microsoft is no longer relevant, why is most of the world using their software? As for Windows 8, I have been testing the OS since the initial beta, and after spending a few hours getting acquainted with the new way to do things, I would agree that it is not a good forward step. Maybe Microsoft should reverse the initial boot-up process and bring the users to the standard desktop first, and then they can select the Metro interface if they want it.

It's a bold jump for Microsoft but maybe one they really should have considered more thoughtfully.

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Apple iOS rules

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@johninnaha: 'No longer relevant' ??? I may not be a fan but I think you are living on another planet with that statement. 2011 estimates have Windows use at anywhere between 77-92% on PC's/Laptops worldwide. Windpws 8 may be a complete failure - Windows 7 is not though. It's the most stable/reliable version of Windows I have ever used at home and in the office, and I have been using various versions since 1991.

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we had a joke with friends, we put windows 8 on the screen then asked them to run a browser, then close the browser. Took about 3 minutes to do anything and it felt like a hack. Had a good laugh

It's not made for a mouse and is meant for a touchscreen. I see no need to upgrade based on my terrible experience.

It's like trying to run a cellphone OS in a laptop. Why bother? Also with a mouse I can be a foot or two away from the screen. If I have to use a touchscreen I have to have it closer to my face. That makes it uncomfortable

Windows 7 is fine. Don't bother with 8

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Uhg. I just finally made the tearful upgrade to crappy Windows 7 last week. I hope I can use it for at least 5 more years.

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Microsoft is no longer relevant.


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Looks like Windows Nine will be the real successor to Windows Seven... Microsoft seems to alternate between good products like 98SE/ XP and Seven, and lemons like ME/ Vista/ Eight...

Certainly half a day of testing on a corporate network showed Eight to be unsuitable, maybe it is more suited to be a personal standalone...

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Does windows 8 ditch DVD support? can we watch movies on windnows 8? I heard, there is also a kill switch in it. I wonder if it is true?

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I am a Microsoft TechNet subscriber and have been running it since Beta on and off. I really think that they are shooting themselves in the foot with this OS. Google and Apple already have well established mobile OS's and now Microsoft is trying to make a foray into that field and dragging PC users with it in some kind of crossover product.

To be put simply: If you Love tablet interfaces like Android and I Pads have you may like this. If you want your PC to behave they way windows has for the last 10+ years you will hate this. I tend to go with the later. Stick with Windows 7.

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Wiil Microsoft follow RIM's steps towards the abyss?

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I'm sure none of you really spent any more than an hour before rushing to your conclusions. Windows 8 is great for touch and even smoother with a mouse. Forget there reviews sit down with it for a couple more minutes and discover the beauty and ease of use. Don't be averse to innovations people.

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Tried it and got rid of it within 24 hours....seems designed for vapid teens, not computer users

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I am happy with my Windows 7, no 8 for me!

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Tried it but had trouble understanding the switch between metro and classic. Wheres the off button? The main thing I hated was that the installation required me to sign up for a Windows Live account. This seems to be like android and Iphone os who HAVE to have your private data. I hate this kind of invasion of privacy. I wish linux had better peripherals and applications support.

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Eww. I'm not sure this will be a hit product.

Not everyone likes having to switch back and forth between touchscreen and mouse when apps are designed for either one or the other. I hate having a dirty screen, and with a laptop it's easier to use the keyboard and trackpad with the same hand, rather than obscuring the screen with an opaque hand that lacks precision of a steady mouse cursor. Using multitouch with a lightweight laptop can cause it to flip backwards. Might be a bit awkward at a business meeting.

And if it doesn't sell straight away, i doubt anyone will want to dig it up later, when Apple and Android are light years away. Mixing a cell phone interface with desktop on the same machine seems like a strange idea, like they say, Jack of all trades, master of none. My personal favorite, WebOS has a very "Windows"-like UI layout, and yet it feels natural on a phone and only takes 30 seconds to learn the gestures. No need to invent something that needs a manual to figure out.

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Tried it. It's great for people who have no idea of the capability of a computer and love to surf the Internet and check email. If you want to accomplish anything significant or work related stick with Windows 7.

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