Microsoft Windows 8 update will be free


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I never personally thought there was any thing wrong with the current Win 8

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When is the "holiday season"? I thought it was Christmas/New Year.

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Windows 8 is a fantastic operating system, people who were whinging about the start menu need to invest 5 mins of effort updating themselves. The "metro" interface is just a giant start menu with live tiles, which makes things easier with or without a touch screen. Windows 8 is much faster than windows 7 on the same hardware and rock solid, it NEVER crashes. The pace of progress is accelerating, how are these kind of people ever going to keep up!

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A start menu and a toggle switch for metro would be great for starters....

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Windoze 8.1 will bring back the Start button and also allow you to boot up in desktop mode.

Microsoft doing something for free, pigs are flying.

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Microsoft doing something for free, pigs are flying.

Windows service packs have always been free. They don't charge for a new endangered cat like Apple.

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This is a new version/update and not a service pack, hence why it is in the news.

And actually it is olds as the details have been known for sometime. FYI, I do use Windows, Mac, Linux and Android daily.

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Actually it IS a service pack. It's just that because it will change the look and feel of the OS that they have to give a new version number.

Microsoft doing something for free, pigs are flying.

Microsoft Photo Story has always been free and is a smart little program. Even though it says it's for Windows XP, it runs just fine on Windows 7.

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Microsoft doing something for free, pigs are flying.

I've been running XP and Office in my independent business for the past eight years and I haven't paid MS a cent during that time. My Apple-using partners and collaborators are routinely forking out $$$$ for some software or service, not to mention repairs when their seal-up iMacs implode from overheating (usually in summer).

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Fadamor thx for the photostory link!

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The problem with Windows 8 is it doesn't detect what device is it on to ask you whether or not you want the Metro stuff; if you don't want it then it should install just as Windows 8 with the usual start button and menu!

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