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Microsoft working on smartwatch: Forbes


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I'm laughing. Just what the world needs. More designed obsolescence in the form of tracking devices. I'm wondering whom the first idiot will be to have one implanted inside their skull. Maybe soon we won't need to think for ourselves and let Google and Microsoft program us all. Can you say Transhuman.

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Copying Apple? Apple hasn't released a watch yet. Sony and Samsung's are already available and there was even a couple of start-ups offering smart watches years ago. If anything, Apple (and Microsoft) are copying everyone else.

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Apple never invented anything. They are a design company. They make device specific crap that is not compatible with anything but their products. Overprice designed BS that people sleep on sidewalks to have the first edition. What does that say about mindless consumerism? Can you say, I-Phone zombie?

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It's just like an ankle monitoring bracelet/anklet the police use to keep track of criminals out of jail but under house arrest or on strict supervisional probation. All these high tech toy or smartphone companies monitor your data and send all sorts of it not just back to the software companies but also to intelligence gathering agencies and your a fool to believe otherwise. Welcome to 1984 only fast forward thirty years.

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Shouldn't it be 'titan', not 'tighten'? Anyway, I see they're back to copying Apple again.

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I hope its not just a regular sized smartphone with a velcro strap attached to it.

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