Mitsubishi Motors equips retail store with 30kW PV system, 100kWh battery

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By Sousuke Kudou

Mitsubishi Motors Corp and Kyushu Mitsubishi Automobile Sale Ltd has equipped a model store with a 30kW solar power generation (PV) system and a 100kWh storage battery system to test the effect of combining a PV system, storage battery and V2H (vehicle-to-home) system.

At Electric Drive Station Futamatase Store in Fukuoka City, a "next-generation store" that proposes the values of electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs), the companies newly installed a larger-capacity PV system and storage battery.

The two companies set up solar panels with a total output of about 30kW, which is equivalent to the average power consumption of the store, and a storage battery with a capacity of 100kWh, which is equivalent to the amount of power that a general household consumes in 10 days.

The solar panel and storage battery employed for the store are manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric Corp and GS Yuasa Corp, respectively. Expecting to reuse the used rechargeable batteries of EVs and PHVs, the companies enabled to embed the rechargeable battery cells of the "i-MiEV" EV in the storage battery unit.

They aim to realize a store that can be self-sufficient in terms of energy and stably supply electricity to EVs and PHVs at the time of disaster. They will collect various data for the next one year to find appropriate capacities of solar panels and storage battery system.

The Electric Drive Station is a store having 2-4kW of solar panels, V2H stand, etc. It can charge EVs and PHVs and has presentation tools and demonstration area with which visitors can experience smart house functions including V2H. There are 56 stores of the Electric Drive Station in Japan, which is planned to be increased to 200 by fiscal 2020.

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1 Comment
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Hope their testing proves to be meaning and worth further development to make it cost effective for the general population to install and use.

I hope that electricity, waste and water treatment can be made efficient enough for all homes and apartments can be independently self-sufficient at an affordable price in the near future. It would be nice if all such technologies can be made synergistic and work between and with each other.

And hopefully all governments will require all new homes and apartments to be self-sufficient by requiring the installation of same in all new residences and businesses, especially in remote areas where energy, water and waste treatment has been a problem. (If they can do it in the space station, it should be possible with all of our homes at a reasonable cost.)

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