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Mixed verdict in Samsung-Apple patent trial


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As an iDevice user, experience and observation has shown that Apple must pursuit rip-offs like Samsung's, but the company shouldn't worry so much: I haven't seen a single friend/acquaintance who went from iOS/OSX to Android, but I have seen the Android users turning to Apple when they have the money required, or when they experience iDevices for a while.

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Yeah maybe in developing countries, developed countries have seen the reverse thing happening, at first people are swayed by the free iPhones, sometimes including a free iPad, but after a while they get fed up with the whole iTunes prison, the tiny screens and the overpriced accessories.. and they make the step to a true multi functional device.

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More and more people are getting of iOS Titanic and jumping to android empire, poor apple

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And Apple and Samsung lawyers are laughing all the way to the bank.

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Only the technologically incompetent would buy a device that puts perceived status over functionality. The world (except LostinNagoya) can see that Apple is clearly grasping at straws as its market share in phones and tablets dwindles.

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I had an iPhone. It was OK, but the lack of interchangeable batteries, having to sync with the crap that is iTunes, and the small screen led me to change to an Android device. I wouldn't go back. My Android phone blows away the iPhone.

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