Mizuho Bank blames switch to digital passbook for ATM outage


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My company was requested to do penetration testing to two major JP banks few years ago. Password policies were ridiculous. Writing passwords on stick-its, several people with different job roles using one shared computer with local accounts, in case of the first bank, their IT policy was up to each branch. You want to insert your own USB stick in order to print something? Yup, no problem.

I'm not surprised by this "Mizuho Bank blames switch to digital passbook for ATM outage". Although not working for Mizuho, I'd guess their IT is the same. No air gapped computers / systems, poor security implementation and overall IT neglection and very little to none testing in testing labs.

They obviously didn't test it enough and released it live. You never run your experiments on live systems, especially not banks.

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They charge for new accounts to have a paper account book!

I would never trust them and only have digital.

In 2002 on April 1st my Dai-Ichi Kangyo account completely disappeared when Mizuho became official.

It took nearly 4 months for them to find my account even questioning if I had one but luckily I had my updated book and card. None of that helped much but at least I knew how much was in that account and I had it in physical form.

So once they did find and restore my account if the amount did not match I had a proper document to make my case if we had to escalate things.

Digital only and the information can be altered or just vanish.

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