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Music platform CEO says AI is not the enemy

By Satish Cheney

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AI is no substitute for a real musician. . .yet.

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Definitely is though, I can use one of those apps to make something that sounds good enough to be mistaken for something made by a professional. Or I can just feed a famous song into it and have it launder it to be different enough to not break the copyright threshold, and I have absolutely no musical background.

Ultimately anything made with gAI devalues the content in that industry, it might take money from the real creators directly through sales or it makes it harder to find the real content by flooding the marketplaces. In the end the only one that will make money from gAI is the ones that runs the services, the unskilled and lazy people jumping on gAI thinking they now have a shot at making money by pressing a button don't understand that if someone as unskilled and lazy as they can do it, what stops the person living on $1 a day from doing it. When anyone can do something only the ones that already have money and an audience will be able to stick out.

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