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Musk's Neuralink says it has been cleared for human test of brain implants


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Beyond the potential to treat neurological diseases, Musk's ultimate goal is to ensure that humans are not intellectually overwhelmed by artificial intelligence, he said.

A noble goal, and it is directly lifted from Musk's professed inspiration, the Scottish Socialist SF author Iain Banks.


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Ok when can we start infusing chimps with AI creating the perfect monkey butler because my latest model still have a lot of defects. like lazy, argumentative and drinks all the beer.

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I like how the conspiracy theory crowd who used to scream about imaginary threats of everyone getting chips implanted in their brains are now all super fans of a guy who is very openly developing that brain chip technology and trying to create a society where we all have these things permanently implanted in us.

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Musk is playing with a full deck

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Will he be first?

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Well like any technology there are good and bad uses. Good uses of this are for example to allow mobility to people who are now paralyzed, a bad use would be a divide in society between those who have implants and those who don't. I'm not sure which would be a better group to be in

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Musk's ultimate goal is to ensure that humans are not intellectually overwhelmed by artificial intelligence

So far the human's Musk chooses to associate with aren't "overwhelmed" with either actual intelligence or some fundamental level of critical thinking.

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I have always said that in the future people will have chip implants in their brains and replace computers, televisions, cell phones and access to all information..

For me, no thanks..

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More innovation in health, so let's see how it plays out, way too early to rule anything in or out.

For example, imagine an implant could improve quality of your sleep, mental health, etc. Opportunities, simply enormous, really same markets as Big Pharma, only new tech and more competition, all good for society, let the better solutions prevail, seems he's done well with EV and Space, probably a good bet he'll do so here!

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Mr. Musk is a remarkable visionary, but, sometimes he seems to have a screw loose.

Not sure how to think of him in regards to this latest venture.

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Elon's other businesses are failing or stagnant, so he is talking about more pipe dreams to distract from all the bad press.

Elon Musk pulled Twitter from the EU's anti-disinformation agreement and continues to troll with alt-right memes and dogwhistles. It could be a sign he'll close the site to Europe completely.


Elon needs to distract like the former one-time US president. It never was about free speech. He’s rapidly running twitter aground. What an overrated “genius”. The world's biggest internet troll is losing his money on nonsense.

It'll be interesting to see how many billions of dollars will be spent for Elon to declare himself the winner of whatever this "challenge" is.

Maybe funding something like "World Central Kitchen" would be a better use of his time, energy, and wealth.

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""Musk said the company would try to use the implants to restore vision and mobility in humans who had lost such abilities.

"We would initially enable someone who has almost no ability to operate their muscles... and enable them to operate their phone faster than someone who has working hands," he said.""

Just imagine what this will do to the millions who are handicapped , this could be like a Miracle or even more to them and their loved ones.

Good Luck

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For those not in the know how device studies work. They use an entirely different set of rules compared to drugs. Medical devices are also much easier to get into initial studies compared to drugs. Though still fairly difficult.

This is only a study on if implanting the device causes any harm. It will not make any attempt to determine if the device works or has any benefit. Those are entirely different study that cannot happen until this is done.

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In the future I can see some kind of divide between people with chips and other bio-tech implants and people who will consider themselves pure human because they don't have any implants or anything. In conclusion the future is gonna be wild lol

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So it turns out, it's not Bill Gates but Elon Musk who wants to put a chip in you, Lol

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