Musk aims to ease concerns in address to Twitter workers


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“Transforming Twitter into a WeChat-like super app would be a massive undertaking for Musk,” 

Musk's PayPal +Twitter=WeChat?

Uniting the social and financial sounds like the Chinese social credit system, and definitely not pro free speech.

Musk is in danger of becoming not an anarchic, cool SC agent but a lame uber capitalist like Joiler Veppers from Iain Banks The Culture series.

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One of Musk's key points at the meeting, which started a little after 9 a.m. Pacific time, was to make Twitter “so compelling that you can't live without it,” Weinstein tweeted.

Funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. The day any form of social media can’t be lived without will surely be a sign that The End has arrived. I’ve walked away from both FB and IG and feel much the better for it.

And if Musk were so smart, he’d surely be after the platforms to such apps. He should be trying to buy Apple and Galaxy, no?

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Right wing fascist in charge of Twitter. Perfect place for all the scum!

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One 'super app' may not be feasible due to code/conceptual complexity, but having something that ties multiple behaviours together may work. Most attempts at this have suffered from poor implementation, lousy code, excessively proprietary limitations or a lack of trust.

Inflation may be an enabler to link multiple online behaviours with discounts, points cards, reviews and influencers. We are still (just about) a consumer economy. China (surprisingly) did this well, until Xi put the boot in.

I still think the biggest drag on star topology services are the overheads. Distributed systems distribute bandwidth and storage costs. It's a lot easier to make money when your costs drop by such a huge margin.

Ultimately Twitter, like Facebook, has a star topology. It will be forced to censor, condemned for everything it misses and by others for everything it bans. The more users it has, the more costs it has, but users won't pay.

A switch to a distributed topology would remove most of the problems these services are facing. Competitively, that would put extant star topology services at a huge disadvantage when alternatives appear.

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Musk has been talking a lot recently about how he admires Chinese workers for working insane hours and says the west could learn from that or something like that.

What does it mean to work hard when your job could be erased by your boss at any point? Even this richest man in the world will apparently make you redundant because his profits are down. That's why worker morale and job loyalty are so low at the moment. Hard work means absolutely nothing, expect your boss will squeeze as much out of you until you're useless to them.

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Beware of false prophets.

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was so much love for Elon when people thought he hated Trump.

Now that he confirmed he doesnt really care either way about him and actually preferred Yang and now prefers DeSantis, liberals going insane.

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Meanwhile, it has been reported that Musk fired the signatories to a letter criticizing his command of Space-X.

I think I mentioned that a neighbor who used to work as an engineer at Space-X was very unhappy with the working conditions, and found employment elsewhere.

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Am I the only one sick of seeing his face?

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Meanwhile, it has been reported that Musk fired the signatories to a letter criticizing his command of Space-X

As he should. My company. and if you don’t like me and have the nerve to even write a letter to criticize me, then leave?

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As he should. My company. and if you don’t like me and have the nerve to even write a letter to criticize me, then leave?

That is not how leaders conduct themselves. Good leaders listen to their people and know them. In the military your way of thinking, my way or the highway, is what gets a grenade rolled under your tent flap at night. If you are lucky someone above you in your chain of command relieves you of your duties before you can hurt someone, or get hurt yourself. The best leaders are the best listeners.

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Is Musk sane ?

The only sane one in the Twitter board room.

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Musk does seem to have gotten himself caught up in the right-wing trolling hype machine. Which for the average basement dweller is no big deal, but for a guy that has more money than anyone else...

That said, if he can bring the right-wingers into the fold and get them to pick up EV usage, then we've got a silver lining.

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Paul: Right wing fascist in charge of Twitter.

Paul, would you be more comfortable with a left-wing fascist in charge? Name me one thing that Musk has said or done that could remotely be regarded as fascist.

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