Musk plans to relaunch Twitter premium service, again


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news reports that a “vast amount" of Twitter's European staff were fired.

“If you want to effectively detect and take action against #disinformation & propaganda, this requires resources," Jourova said. “Especially in the context of Russian disinformation warfare.”

I thought that the staff walked out voluntarily. Now we're told they were fired?

And why does Musk, as a private citizen who runs a private company be forced to hire people to fight disinformation.

Why is that responsibility thrown on his shoulders?

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The yes vote was 72%. Such online polls are anything but scientific and can easily be influenced by bots. Musk also used one before restoring former U.S. President Donald Trump's account.

“The people have spoken. Amnesty begins next week. Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” Musk tweeted Thursday using a Latin phrase meaning “the voice of the people, the voice of God.”

Musk seems to be making a reference to his inspirational Iain M. Banks "The Culture" series where the civilization is ruled by god-like AI "Minds".

But the bots on Twitter are neither god-like nor the voice of the people. Musk is getting carried away.

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When the left controlled Twitter: there being “bots” on their site was presented as myth like.and simply not true of more than 5% of (“far right”) accounts.

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Musk has bitten off more than he can chew with Twitter which is very unlike his other businesses. Fires employees and then realises he still needs them. Says he will restore free speech then fires employees for saying comments he does not like.

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Musk has bitten off more than he can chew with Twitter

He unknowingly is validating the Peter Principle, that people advance to their level of incompetence.

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I would rather never use Twitter again. Who really needs it? When it's free, it's just something to pass the time. But to pay? I have better things to use my billions on.

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Musk is just throwing it against a wall and seeing what sticks!

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Ok Elonald, now we will see how you finish ruining Twitter, I think that in addition to some politicians and companies, only your Elonbelievers are going to stupidly spend their money to pay for a service that is already free..

Pathetic, just pathetic..

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Yeah, because it went so well the first time…..

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Hard to fight a company founded by the left, used by the left and now being attacked by the left.

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People here are talking about "left" and "right," but Musk is incompetent no matter which direction you look at him from.

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Time is of the essence, and Musk knows that, hence why he's probably panicking right now, having a lame duck in his lap that's costed him so much money. He wanted people to come back and work crazy hours but with no incentive.... the "forget that" approach is common sense, which clearly, it now seems Musk lacks.

On the other hand, if he focuses upon bringing in/back talent with the promise of Million dollar performance bonuses, then... I think you may see a difference in attitude... 1000 Million dollar employees in a year working full-out, would perhaps do wonders.

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Sacrificing twitter seems like a terrible waste, but at least some benefit will come from this and stronger, better services will take the place it is quickly becoming available.

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Where does all the anti-Musk stuff comes from? twitter registration, usage, time on is at all time high with genuine users, and still there are knockers.

My councillor once gave me advice 'there are people with such a huge chip on tbeir shoulder, if you gave them a bucket of gold, they'll still say it's too heavy to carry'.

A place where exchange of ideas funded NOT by corporate dollars but collective of individuals is a bad thing? Are we living in China?

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Where does all the anti-Musk stuff comes from?

He's against mass transit and his cars are too expensive. He also did not start Tesla and there is indication Tesla would have the approximate same trajectory even if Musk didn't exist. He just makes cars and rockets and nothing Star Wars class. People who vote Trump like Musk so much and hate Bezos. Trump people like Musk just because he allowed Trump back into Twitter. But Trump doesn't want to go back anyway. Musk got himself into a legal bind and paid 44B dollars for a bunch of garbage because he had to (legal fact).

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Still early days for Musk Twitter. A lot more could go wrong, a lot more could go right. Interested to see whether he can turn it around.

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