Musk says he would reverse Twitter's ban of Donald Trump


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a person should be able to view said video if they choose to do so and if it’s contents interest them.

then decide what they think based on what they see and the credibility of who posted it. Simple.

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In the US, the "liberals" have replaced the ancient church as the most oppressive and anti-free-speech force. Those with weak ideas are always afraid of free speech.

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Show me the videos and the documents and the comments of supposed “racist” groups.

then I will decide what is “racist” to me. Don’t claim something is racist as an excuse to not show me what it was.

that person retweeted a racist video! Ok let me watch it. You can’t, but I’m telling you it was racist! No… do YOU know it was racist? You got to see it but I can’t?

same with violent content. It varies by person what we consider as violent. Should be able to see it and make our own decision.

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He fired numerous officials on Twitter and his posts, like his speeches at rallies, were a torrent of misinformation.

Any reader of mainstream Western media is subject to a "torrent of misinformation" every day, Twitter is no exception. Anti-war and independent media outlets are being kicked off Twitter and having their Paypal accounts seized or frozen simply for performing their tasks as journalists, while real Nazis are allowed to freely post whatever misinformation they like.

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Don't like Elons' decision? Don't use Twitter!

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Of course he would. Because it is wrong, has always been wrong and was only done to push a leftist agenda.

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Nope. I want people to see and hear her words so that law enforcement action can be taken. and so that people can realize what nonsense Dems talked when they claimed using the word “fight” is insurrection.

I like for people to see Dem hypocrisy and double standards in the light not hidden in darkness.,

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GBR48Today  09:19 am JST

...Icke is a prominent advocate of the belief that a race of lizard people have taken over the Earth by posing as human leaders.

For most people, myself included, Icke is an entertaining comedy act.

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Do you want the person who tweeted it suspended or banned?

He's exposing the hypocrisy.

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...Icke is a prominent advocate of the belief that a race of lizard people have taken over the Earth by posing as human leaders.

And you think it 'dangerous' for someone to announce that in public? LOLs and swishes tail

Given the state of the planet we need these people online for light relief. The legal system is perfectly capable of locking up anyone who breaks a law on social media, and prisons will have rules on tweeting.

The dangerous misinformation and lies usually come from our politicians in formal policy announcements and conference speeches. And they have a free pass for lying to the public, online or otherwise.

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This isn’t violence?

To my friends in the LGBTQ+ community—the Supreme Court is coming for us next. This moment has to be a call to arms,' Lightfoot tweeted. 

'We will not surrender our rights without a fight—a fight to victory!'

not banned or even suspended. This is a call for armed insurrection.

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People are so fierce and vocal defending and invoking freedom when it comes to even such things as mask wearing but conspicuously mute and slinking when it comes to defending freedom of speech

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Elon Musk on Twitter's chief censor Vijaya Gadde in front of all employees per Twitter employee post:

All your tweakings of the Algorithm have been noted, you are a disgrace to free Speech.

Then he asked how many times had the Algorithm been tweaked to serve the existing Government

Musk yelled “Twitter publishes FREE SPEECH. Someone tweets that you are a woman of loose morals, You sue that person in court. YOU DONT CENSOR THEIR SPEECH!!!!”

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People are always foolish to think they are smarter than Trump. Trump has called for companies to pull out of Chinese factories, condemning European countries for substandard military spending and their over-reliance on Russian energy. People think they are smart, congratulations people enjoying the energy crisis and inflation. Congrats people enjoying the blackmail.

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True story?

I made an artistic pic of a friend with a lovely tuchus my banner pic on a former account at Twitter. Nothing disgusting, mind you. Instantly had the account frozen. I asked why and the form response was that the pic had "violated their community standards." I could easily have replaced it, but that was not option--just an instant freeze of the account. Meanwhile, there is plenty of porn to be seen, plenty of hate, threats, and vitriol spewed from people left, right, and center, plenty of lies and conspiracy theories shared and Twitter is just fine with that.

If the company, much like IG and FB, goes under tomorrow, I would not weep a tear.

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I am about as far left as you can possibly be, and I don't particularly like Elon Musk. I especially don't like Donald Trump. I also disagree that Twitter has a leftist bent, it has a liberal bent which is not remotely the same thing.

That said, I think this is ultimately a very fair position, just because I disagree with basically everything the man has said doesn't mean I think he should have been banned.

While we are at it, there has been a lot of leftist figures on twitter that have been banned that should probably have their bans revoked too, and other figures like George Galloway that have had those ridiculous Russia/Chinese Media badge wrongly affixed. They're probably not high profile enough to warrant it.

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People only followed him on Twitter because he was president, now the world just doesn’t care, he’s powerless.

If I’m going to follow a retired, uninformed, failed businessman, I would rather at least follow one that makes better jokes.

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Correct decision, anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded. But expect the mob of unhinged lefty harpies to be decrying the world is ending because they are scared of hearing opposing opinions.

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This is going to be fun :-)

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Time to buy popcorn futures.

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it would be ‘interesting’ to see him back

I found him more funny than interesting, but a lot of it was retweeting trash memes like hitting Hillary Clinton with a golf ball.

His early morning tweets were a bit deranged.

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Beware of people who use exclamation points too much!!!

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Alfie NoakesToday  09:00 am JST

Any reader of mainstream Western media is subject to a "torrent of misinformation" every day,

But Eastern mainstream media is fine? Russian, North Korean, Chinese for example?

while real Nazis are allowed to freely post whatever misinformation they like.

For example?

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Elon Musk said he will reverse Twitter’s permanent ban of former President Donald Trump

Hallelujah right?

Twitter, Musk said Tuesday, currently has a strong bias to the left, largely because it is located in San Francisco. This alleged bias prevents it from building trust in the rest of the U.S. and the world, he said: “It’s far too random and I think Twitter needs to be much more even handed.” Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Musk's comments.

Musk is not a Tony Stark style self-made inventor but he does have business savvy. After securing the left flank he is triangulating right.

I think he cannily observed how easy it is to make the right fall down in blind worship of a prominent figure and wanted to get some of that.

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Trump’s Twitter account was a filthy toilet but it could be funny at times. The tweet of him staying in power for decades before Biden gave him an absolute hiding was funny.

I hope he doesn’t start linking to dodgy videos from known racist organizations again though.

That wasn’t funny. It was pure trash.

Anyway, let the s##tgibbonry continue!

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What can you expect? between clowns they help each other.. lol..

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not banned or even suspended. This is a call for armed insurrection

Do you want the person who tweeted it suspended or banned?

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Fair enough.

What’s your view on people posting links to dodgy videos from racist groups which do not show what they purport to show?

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Not a fan of Trump. I find the fat guy disgusting, low IQ and racist. But it would be 'interesting' to see him back. You know that American tactic of 'divide and conquer'?

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Like we didn’t see this coming.

Oligarchs stick together, even American ones.

The issue is that Trump’s tweets were inciting people to violence. Similar to shouting fire in a crowded theater or posting rewards for hit jobs.

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