Musk says Tesla will build vehicle designed to be a robotaxi


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I'll pay for a human driver, just because I am one and I prefer people to machines.

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This in the overall corporate and government goal.

Just think, once fully self driving cars are available, the next "Logical" step" (AKA excuse) will be to ban human drivers.

If you wonder why, well simple " we will be a danger to others" basically all self-driving cars would need daily software updates that register road changes, etc...all self-driving cars would never have collisions because they will all be interconnected.

The ownership of such a vehicle would be expensive, so "share/Uber/Taxi" would be the only available choice to the regular public along with public transportation.

So basically you just getting your car to shop on a day trip with no precise destination would be out of the question not to mention if you think these corporations already know what you do online, they will also 100% know your every move physically also.

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Musk didn't give details of the robotaxi other than to say it will “look quite futuristic.” He also said Tesla will start building the Cybertruck pickup at its new factory near Austin, Texas, next year. After that, it will start building a new Roadster and an electric semi, he said.

Self-driving trucks and cars are already safer than the vast majority of drivers.

The social impact of replacing taxi and truck drivers s the major headwind in wide adoption.

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More ways to put the taxi drivers out of a job. Pretty soon there will be no jobs for the working class, just tech people to keep the robots running.

Don't know bout y'all, but its gonna be a long, long, long time before I ever ride in a vehicle that has no driver.

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Pretty soon there will be no jobs for the working class,

you’ve got it back to front. The reason for the increase in robotics is because people don’t want to work.

Millions of people (in America) are quitting their jobs every year, which has led to a labour shortage.

Robots are the logical solution to this problem

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