Musk shows off progress on brain-machine interface

By Frederic J. BROWN

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skynet and then some.

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A great way to give a malevolent computer AI human drones. We will no longer have free choice, we would act under orders of the AI as it's extensions. We wouldn't know until its to late and then be trapped in our mind without control of our bodies.

To great a risk to merge.

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More mindless drivel from a man who should either take the meds he's been given, or get reexamined to change them to something stronger.

Here's the thing, Elon:  Learn to just shut the hell up.

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Sign me up. It's a step toward the future: The rich upper class, cyber augmented and immortal, and then all the poor and sick who die relatively quickly.

My advice...train your kids to get rich, and get on board the immortality train. Destination:Mars.

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The idea is nothing new, but if he pulls it off and makes it a mainstream reality then great. Perhaps one target audience would be those suffering from Brain related diseases. I wish more Billionaires would be like him.

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