Musk to address Twitter employees for 1st time this week

By Associated Press

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Elon Musk will address Twitter employees Thursday for the first time since the billionaire and Tesla CEO offered $44 billion to buy the social media platform, the company said Tuesday.

Come on Musk, use the famous phrase inspired by Iain Banks the Culture series, that you profess to love, and wow them:

"Our goal is fully automated, luxury space communism."

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If Must allows Trump back in (to Twitter) does that mean TrumpBook is no longer needed? It's another Trump failure?

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If there is any question about whether or not he actually bought the company, then he shouldn’t be allowed to address the company, but I guess billionaires do what they want.

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Musk said he was putting the deal on hold on May 13, saying he needed more data from the company about those bot accounts

More like him sabotaging the sale price each time he opens his mouth, and he's Telsa shareholders are fuming at him for making such a risky bet on a non-core business pursuit. He's lost all his company's gains by betting too big ($1.5 billion of Tesla shares) into Bitcoin, as the remaining Tesla shares (in the sum of $62.5 billion) are being used to secure Musk's Twitter bid.

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Buy it first, then talk to people..

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Can’t wait for this one to leak. Im sure there will be more than a few dramatics on this call from the woke employee base.

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