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Musk unveils SpaceX rocket designed to get to Mars and back


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No one can go to Mars .

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I'd never go on one of these private company rockets.

The number of top national engineers/mathematicians/experts that put together and experiment with spacecraft before sending people into space shouldn't be undervalued.

I just couldn't imagine myself sitting in a capsule out in the deep black risking my life for whims of a private profit making company.

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Got to give him credit for ambition. Can't drive down the street over here without seeing Tesla cars on the road, and now he wants to go to the planets. Wish I could go with him.

I used to work in the space program with the USAF. I was at that time very impressed with the quality of our work. Can't say I know anything much about private contractors running the whole show, but they have always been a significant part of the US space program. When I was in it, I noticed that most of the people working were in fact civilians. They used us military types where they could, to save money, but civilians did most of the work. I suspect a similar dynamic exists in the space programs of other nations.

I have a neighbor, a Vietnamese-American, who currently works for Space X as an engineer. They now launch from Space Launch Complex 4 at Vandenberg AFB, California, as well as SLC 6, which did not even exist when I was in the program. I have no reason to think that they are not doing good work. Occasionally we watch Space X launches from Vandenberg AFB while standing in our front yards. We even watched the first stage booster separate and come back down under power for a controlled landing. That is something we wanted to do in the "old" days, but were never able to.

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To the guys saying "I'd never go" - do you even realise how ridiculous you sound? Nobody would invite our sponsor you to go in the first place...

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let see how good is it when they take it up there to the moon or mars he should be the first one to get into this ship so we can see how safe is it lol

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He wants to visit his Mars colony of 6000 and expand to Uranus...

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He probably watched Ad Astra and thinks he can get to Neptune in 9 weeks.

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