Musk, Zuckerberg duel over artificial intelligence

By Brendan Smialowski

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AI is 500,000,000 different things. Each of them can be correct in their own way.

Only their egos prevent them from seeing the other person's perspective, if this is even a real disagreement. Which is doubtful.

I suspect what the-Z did was more like a bot - with programmed responses.

I'd rather they discuss regulation of IoT (also known as IoCr@p to data security people). Madatory quarterly patching, mandatory support for 10 yrs for any devices sold more than 10,000 units. If you think e-waste with cell phones is bad - IoT ewaste is going to be 100x worst.

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Musk is a 'techie'. zucker is a manipulator and does not seem particularly insightful on anything except getting people to give him their secrets which he exploits. AI of the super kind was explored by Asimov way back in 1956 in his short story "The Last Question" and his response dwarfs anything either of these two could possibly contain in their own perceptions. If you're young, it's not a long read so do not fear reading it. Albeit we have no real understanding of what we mean by 'intelligence', many who conflate 'intelligence' with actual Human behavior see danger and others see advantage to themselves. Neither of these need be true depending on what we build into it. The one flaw in Terminator was that 'intelligence' automatically means 'ego' and nothing is further from the truth. Asimov also gave us the Three Laws and explored some of their consequences.

AI has the same characteristics as any 'logic' based process, GIGO. What we put into it is what we will get out of it and if we do not build 'hated' into it, it is very unlikely we will reap hatred from it. Human psychopathy comes out of genetic predisposition and our own past path of natural selection and the deficiencies inherent in the Human brain coupled with its own product, our 'civilization' as it has developed directed by Human psychopathy and the accretion of past experience which, truly, is what we are now. Given that, under the influence of our universally pathological species-specific behavioral structure, our collective crania have shrunk two hundred cubic centimeters since our derangement into cannibalistic predation upon our own genepool circa 60,000 years ago and continues to shrink albeit more slowly as our population increases, any continuation of the obvious desire of matter to increase in complexity given the opportunity may depend upon its transfer to a more 'rational' form for which our own existence is just the 'larval' stage.

zucker's mentality is not worth consideration and Musk's mired in the myopia common to engineers who project only what they can see now into the future. This last can be seen clearly if one studies the past's projections of our time. An example might be "GM's World of Tomorrow" or other such attempts. A few hits but way more wild misses. If Musk really wanted to fear an 'end to Human civilization', a much more imminent one approaches on the biological side: in two generations 15 Billion Human mouths coming to an already exhausted biosphere, a highly 'complex system', just beginning a probable loss of our accustomed climatic equilibrium which could at any time enter into 'chaotic' behavior in a search of a new equilibrium. Agriculture in such a condition? Two generations from NOW. AI is the least of our concerns unless it can allow us to change our 'civilization' into something more sustainable. If not, then we should light it and let it go off into the future on its own and build whatever complexity matter contains within it. Maybe Asimov was right.

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