NEC face recognition tech ranks first in U.S. test


NEC Corp says that its face recognition technology achieved the highest matching accuracy in the Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) 2018 performed by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), with an error rate of 0.5% when registering 12 million people.

NEC’s technology ranked No. 1 in NIST testing for the fifth time, following its top placement in the face recognition testing for video in 2017. The high performance of NEC’s technology is reflected in the test results which placed the company significantly ahead of the runner-up.

In recent years, the growing convenience of biometric authentication technology, improved security awareness, and the remarkable development of artificial intelligence (AI), have driven companies around the world to begin adopting biometric authentication technology. Specifically, the use of face recognition technology is rapidly expanding across a wide range of fields throughout the world. Face recognition technologies are now being used in areas that require high reliability, convenience and long-term use, such as identity verification and national infrastructure, transaction settlements, bank account establishment, and passport verification.

Forty-nine organizations, including companies from the United States, China, Russia, Europe, and Japan, participated in the NIST’s FRVT 2018, where the evaluation of face recognition accuracy was performed. These tests are the most rigorous and fair benchmarks implemented by the NIST as each organization is required to submit and be evaluated on programs that were developed during the same period. By performing multi-stage matching, an impressive search speed of 230 million matchings per second was achieved. Furthermore, leveraging NEC's deep learning methods to significantly reduce the identification error rate, NEC accurately matched images of a subject taken over a 10-year interval with an error rate that was 4 times lower than the runner-up.

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I’d rather wait.

You are rather late to the news (i.e. Biometric, Facial recognition tech development & market)

NEC Australia has announced signing a contract with the Western Australian Police Force (October 2019)

Technology giant NEC has signed an agreement with the Star Alliance airline network to “develop a biometric data-based identification platform (July 2019)

NEC Corporation revealed today that its NeoFace facial recognition engine was deployed for access control at last month’s EU Summit in Sibiu, Romania. (July 2019)

NEC Corporation, through its unit NEC Europe, has supplied facial recognition system to South Wales Police in the UK. (July 2017)

Brazil selected NEC to provide facial recognition systems to 14 international airports. (July 2015)

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I bet they blocked actual chinese companies from taking this test for obvious reasons. China is the real pro and leader at this. check this out:

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It's fantastic until you are in that .5% and run into trouble.

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"If this was an American company getting first place you wouldn't say that."

No, I would say it about any product that would mis-identify 600,000 of 12 million in a test, and then one that will possible be responsible for falsely detaining or letting 730 potential criminals into a country.

This level of inaccuracy is unacceptable for a product of any manufacturer in any country.

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@Mike James

If this was an American company getting first place you wouldn't say that.

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Great work NEC!

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Oh I'm sure Huawei would be the world leader here too, given Huawei's extensive real-world practice on hundreds of millions of civilians in China

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Make that 600,000 of 12 million, 25 people day, 730 a year.

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“... an error rate of 0.5% when registering 12 million people.”

Or, we mis-identified 6,000 people. Assuming 5,000 people come through Narita on an average day, and this system will miss .05%, three people a day — more than 1,000 a Year — will be wrongly detained, or even worse, potential terrorists or those who should not be let into Japan, will be let loose on the streets.

If the NEC fingerprinting system is any indication of quality standards, I’d rather wait.

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Well done!

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