NEC participates in Non-stop Gate field trials at Narita airport


NEC Corp is providing a security system for field trials of a Non-stop Gate system being carried out by Narita International Airport Corporation for two months beginning Sunday.

Currently, visitors to Narita International Airport are required to provide identification to security personnel prior to entering the facility. The Non-stop Gate trial aims to eliminate the need for providing ID while maintaining a high level of security and ensuring that travelers smoothly proceed through the airport.

As the trials proceed, administrators will optimize the placement and angle of cameras, as well as lighting conditions in order to ensure the most effective utilization of the system. The purposes of this system include the maintenance of airport security and the streamlining of airport entry procedures.

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So is this just for those of us arriving via Keisei and JR Lines into NRT or will this be for vehicle traffic driving into NRT Stalag 13 as well?

This story is a little confusing at first because one first reads it as how an arriving passenger would be dealt with and then one thinks "cool, I'll just be doing a tap-n-go Suica style security walk-by" which would be sweet after the last three times I've waited more than 50 minutes each time to get past immigration line ups.

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This is in reference to vehicle arrivals at NRT. It does not change anything about security processes for passengers departing/arriving at NRT.

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It is a pointless process that harks back to the protests when Narita had just been built. No other major international airport has this nonsense.

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Ive never understood this system. Specifically how it prevents malicious intent or attacks. A security officer gets on the bias or comes to your car and checks everyone's passport. That's it. Do they have a list of people they are looking for that they know by heart? Are they looking for certain types of nationality? I just don't see the logic behind it.

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Not even Haneda

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ChibaChick: Read Wakarimasen's first comment. There is no logic behind it. It's to deal with a situation that no longer exists.

Mind you, NEC might get a juicy public-sector contract to cater to a downright waste of time and effort. No wonder Japan's gov't is the world's most heavily indebted.

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I think this is just a cover story to make it appear that the reduction/elimination of airport entrance security is just a change.

But whatever it is, the airport has come a long ways since the days when buses were stopped on the highway on the approach to the airport and passengers required to get off and present passports, etc., while the cabin and baggage holds, etc. were searched.

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