NEC to provide coating service on PCs to combat COVID


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I don't think I need this personally, I don't use my tongue to clean my devices

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Omicron peaks in about 4 weeks and is mild. The UK is already preparing to switch back to normal. This is (expensive) overkill.

Japan has maintained international border blocks, sprayed gallons of sanitiser over people and developed loads of non-touch procedures.

Perhaps it is time to do some research on the psychological effects of the pandemic in Japan.

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Might be useful for terminals meant for mass use, ie internet cafe stations, hello work etc

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This type of coating has become noticeably popular in office buildings recently, such as elevators, door knobs and other public surfaces where users are likely to touch.

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Such coatings have all one major fault, the contact time for inactivating a microorganism is very long. In areas with high people traffic that coating can not act as intended therefore a regular cleaning and sanitizing with with a universal general cleaning agent and wiping of end of day and prior to opening with a modern disinfectant cleaner is a safer option. Viruses like covid which gte passed on Human to Human via respiratory droplets suspended in the air are better attacked via very high air exchange rates, high airflow and installation of suitable air filtration systems using, Ozone and UV light to instantly inactive Microorganisms in the air.

This coating is just another example of "DISINFECTION THEATER", more suitable applications for it may exist in elderly and health care facilities instead of offices where no one else touches my keyboard.

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The effect of a coating on the spread of an airborne virus is at least as good as the effect of a lucky charm.

The cost of this pseudoscientific coating, 10000 yen, is equal to the price of a very effective measure against an airborne virus - a HEPA air purifier.

I bet most company managers will prefer the coating, as pseudoscience is very cool

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