Netflix adds 7 million subscribers in global expansion


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Stock price bubble

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I love my Netflix here in Japan. Always a great selection of stuff to watch.

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Ahhh, Netflix... the Blockbuster killer... and soon to be the Tsutaya killer?

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I hope Tsutaya survives. They still have a lot more selections than Netflix and Hulu has.

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We got Netflix 2 months ago and were looking forward to watching some Japanese movies. Unfortunately, very few have English subtitles. Has anyone else noticed this? It shouldn't be too hard for Netflix to include more than Japanese subtitles for their movies.

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A question of demand vs the cost/effort do add them.

Netflix in Japan caters for the Japanese market and thus has a differrent contents compared to other countries.

They would add them quick if there was a bigger demand for japanes movies in english speaking markets/countries.

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I changed from HULU jp to Netflix jp. For me the most interesting thing is the number of stand-up comedy specials they have, the jp subtitles are fun to read too.

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@ holyholly.& Pacech1967

Quite a few posts on message boards show interest in watching Japanese shows, sometimes to practice Japanese, sometimes to watch and have increased understanding with English subtitles.

One would think that someone in the current government wishing to actually promote Japan, Japanese culture, and Japanese language (especially given repeated emphasis of/on 'Cool Japan') money would be put into subtitling Japanese programs and films to make them more widely accessible.

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I suspect the issue with not having other language subtitles for Japanese content is one of personnel (they don't have enough translators) and rights (I'm sure there's a lot of red tape involved in clearing content for translation). Very few Japanese films see release outside of Japan. I suspect that anime fairs better though. Hopefully this will begin to change, but it's going to take a while.

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