Netflix streaming service heading for Japan in autumn


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@veejay First of all, downloading via torrents is illegal. I'm not sure how the police will catch you, but you shouldn't. If eztv is streaming, then by all means, as streaming (including illegal content) is not under the new law that was implemented a year or so ago.

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Aside from their own content, don't expect much in the way of other kaigai drama, most of its locked up in other exclusive contracts for the japanese market already.

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As others pointed out, current content is blocked by other contracts and offerings will have to lag behind cable providers and WOWOW / Skapa... Still, it might be nice if only as an option to rewatch some classic movies or older foreign films with English subtitles if the price is right.

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Hulu is awful here, and Im not expecting anything great from netflix. If it had current content, released at the same time as the US it would be worth it.

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Details on pricing later, looking forward to see how much they will gouge

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Don't believe the hype. has offered a streaming service for a couple years now. Selection is a joke just like Hulu Japan. The old guard and studio content owners are not going to relinquish control of the cash cow that is the Japan market. Don't expect much beyond Netflix's original video content.

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No TY, Netflix Japan. Hulu Japan gouges users for terrible content. In addition, look at how iTunes Japan robs us silly for music that is almost 2 times what you pay in the U.S. We have a netflix subscription, (using a U.S. credit card) for 8 USD. I wouldn't be surprised if Netflix Japan charges a minimum of 1,500 JPY for users 8% on top of that.

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This is incredible, can't wait! They better have better offerings than Hulu though, otherwise that would be a major disappointment.. Hulu has a lot of series, but all are about 2-5 years behind schedule..

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Next autumn? 2016? That's really late, especially for a market like Japan, but I'm curious as to what kind of content they might have; they might have some older movies and anime options.

As a side note, I've heard that Netflix isn't making much money on its overseas markets. Hopefully Japan can curb the trend. I really enjoy the service.

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Well, at least Japan isn't shooting itself in the foot like Australia is, where their Government is trying to wind back high-speed internet rollout to protect Murdoch's pay TV empire there and (trying to) reduce the ability of services like Netflix to provide a better service. Personally, I say the more legal avenues to be able to watch what we want when we want it can only be a good thing.

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Autumn 2015.

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If it's like Hulu Japan, no thank you. Was doing US Hulu mainly for the Criterion Collection, then they started cracking down on VPNs. Loved Netflix in naughts though I did only the mail service. Unbelievable collection, especially the foreign flicks I love.

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Great news!

I'm already a Netflix UK subscriber and use Unblock-Us DNS to watch different territory stuff so I don't care if the selection is rubbish.

We signed up with Tsutaya so we can rent subtitled Western stuff like Sherlock without having to splash out on cable TV so this would just make things a bit more convenient, even if it doesn't sport the latest blockbuster programmes and movies.

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We get streaming Netflix here in the States for about $10 USD/month. That would be roughly 1,000 yen per month? From my viewpoint, it is money well spent. BTW, we watch a lot of programming from Japan, Korea, Taipei, and Hong Kong. Some of the Asian soap-operas are very good!

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@holyholly Tracking illegal downloading is not a big deal for cyber police. Those p2p sources are publicly open and keep footprints of data transfer on their routes.

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I don't know why we are prevented from signing up to the US service: whatever happened to free trade?

I won't subscribe to any of the rubbish on offer in Japan. Torrents are the way to go, using a VPN to thwart snoopers.

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@fondofj From your explanation, yes, I imagine it would be easy, but they haven't made any arrests since the law began, or at least we haven't heard of it. So then why, if it's illegal, the police don't crack down on the illegal d/l-ers.

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They will en up the same way as Hulu in a few years.

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I bet the content will suck almost as bad as (if not worse than) Hulu Japan. 20 year old USA tv dramas/comedies & even older Japanese content up the wazoo. Why no mention of House of Cards though..? Surely they would use such massive hits in any such announcement

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From a logical business model to get a foothold in Japan, Netflix would be wise to launch in Japan at ¥999 as that sub ¥1000 price is a HUGE psychological barrier to be under for something new in Japan that will most likely be limited at first.

If Netflix tries to match the rate for US customers then it would push them to a price around ¥1099 which as you can see looks like a lot more when in fact we all know it's only a ¥100 more, just enough to buy a coke at a 'discount' vending machine. And yes, there are a few of those that sell the 500ml cans of coke for only ¥100 which goes great with a large Kebab. Yeah that was dinner today and I am in no way 'plugging' Cokes or Kebabs. I was just reminded of that with a slight burp when I said hell yeah to reading the title of this story but I digress.

Unless Netflix Japan is so much different than the US or Canada, the price will be a flat rate with no tax added to the rate. What you see is what you pay. Makes sense too!

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House of Cards is on Hulu Japan, but the cheap bastards only have season 1, and they won't add anything more! Hulu is a joke here, with old shoes, missing episodes and junk nobody in their right mind would want to watch. I fear Netflix will be the same.

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Don't expect much. It'll be awful here. Expect it to be around ¥1200/month.

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Goody, Goody....

I am sure for about 1500 Yen we finally get to see "I dream of Jeanie"

They will bring one new series, as Mlodinov says, maybe House of Cards, and most of the rest will simpl,y be garbage they store on old servers, why not the suckers will pay anyway...

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Anyone who subscribes to these services are suckers when you can download torrents for free from great websites such as piratebay and eztv

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