New laws of robotics needed to tackle AI: expert

By Charles ONIANS

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This law lecturer is a real dope. Doesn't he know that even if people agree to not do something, someone else will go ahead and build it if it will give him or her a leading edge?

It is this "pre-regulatory" thinking that ends up destroying a domestic market while a foreign market goes ahead and builds it and then exports it to the markets that didn't make it.


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The first 3 laws are really ill conceived. It is like the dark ages. Kill the inventors and destroy innovation. Look at Prohibition. seems like a good idea to legislate "Good" but completely impossible. Or Rent control or prejudice. Nice goals but really outside the rule of law. Only rule number 4 looks like a good bet.

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If we have drones flying about the place that are autonomous, cars that are autonomous, bots online that are speaking on Twitter or in finance trading stocks, all of those have to be attributed to a person

But autonomous cars cannot be attributed to a person, otherwise they’re not autonomous, surely?

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