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New-look eBay moves toward social shopping


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I wonder why ebay left the Japanese market to Yahoo auctions (which seems a rip off as you actually have to pay to bid over a certain amount...¥5,000 I think) .

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There used to be ebay Japan. Many years ago.

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I still get emails encouraging me to go to 'ebay Japan' from time to time, I dismiss them as a Yakuza scam.

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They didn't succeed in Japan because the Japanese managers at the time would not run it the way Ebay required. It used to be a great site for business sales, but then Meg Whitman started charging us for everything, and it killed a lot of people's income! As for the new logo design, I much preferred the original one.

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There are plenty of sellers from Japan selling through eBay, so I can still get my hard to find junk... I mean collectables heh...

I'll probably ignore pretty much all of the social network type guff... I don't need to tell people I will never meet that I bought a rare "Thunderbirds" book... I have real friends I can bore to tears with that ^_^

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Ebayers are still plenty in Japan, just have to use the English site, I buy more than I sell, the ebay fees for sellers has started getting rather high so I am less likely to bother selling much

And yeah skip the social crap, concentrate on keeping things fair for both sellers & buyers & watch yr damned fees because paying both ebay & ppal has gotten too expensive in my ever so correct opinion!

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Ebay is not that attractive anymore. Nowadays I often find better deals on Amazon.

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