New Mercedes screen to stretch nearly full width of car


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Awesome! More gadgets to breakdown.

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"...what functions drivers use most, such as navigation and hands-free phone calls"

Distracted driving? DAME! Dame! Dame! Dame!

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Oh brilliant. Next we'll have screens while we sleep, too.

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the more it gives me worries if i bring that car in a remote area.

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So instead of populating an instrument panel with individual $50 - $200 dollar guages, each of which may be replaced independently of the rest, $5 or less rocker switches, a removable radio, etc, we get this huge integrated curved screen thing that is not repairable and costs many thousands of dollars to replace. Why am I not cheering this. I absolutely revere Mercedes Benz cars from the 1960s into the 1990s but once they went to a three year product cycle and started trying to compete with the Japanese for electronic gadgetry their cars went down in my eyes. I would still rather have a big 1972 280 SE sedan with a manual trans and modern radio than this kludge. If nations continue to produce gasoline for cars that old Merc will be reliably carrying its owner places long after this new kludge is sent off to the recycling center.

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