New Pokemon games sell record-breaking 1.37 mil copies in 3 days


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So much for those who claim consumer spending in Japan is in a "slump".

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Ganbare Japan! -So much for those who claim consumer spending in Japan is in a "slump".

This was the worldwide launch. However, if your opinion was correct, it would mean that, people are not spending money on necessary commodities. They are spending their money in video games.

I wonder what percentage of sakes if this children’s game was purchased by adult children.

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"I wonder what percentage of sakes if..."

I wonder too...

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Nintendo is good at reusing their properties in a way that entices both a new generation of players and also the older ones that grew up playing these games. Also, since their games are so family-friendly and of good quality, parents who grew up playing the games with those fond memories are usually happy to buy the games for their kids.

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So much for those who claim consumer spending in Japan is in a "slump".

It's clear that Economics is not your strong suit.

One-off (and most likely backroom, white-envelope deals) involving fruit and seafood prices and video game sales do not an economy make.

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Awesome more sleepy eyed students to deal with!

I like Gamu.... ;P

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when i was a kid, i remember playing those pokemon games on Game Boy and collecting pokemon cards, but then i lost all the interest and i remember thinking that pokemon was gone, but apparently that pokemon fever is still alive and well . . . we have to give Nintendo a lot of credit for that . . .

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