New Samsung 'Mega' phone nearly tablet-sized


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So, a slightly smaller Asus Fonepad?

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I like Samsung products as much as any other Android device, but I agree, this thing is really pushing the limits of ridiculousness. Unless, it comes with a bluetooth style earpiece to use the phone function, then I can see how some people might find it useful.

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Who actually uses their "phone" to call these days anyway? If you use the apps 98% of the time and calling 2% then this could be right up your ally. 7 inches is the largest truly portable and pocket able size

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Can you imagine slipping this behemoth into your jacket inner pocket? If I wanted a tablet I would buy a tablet not this monster.

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7 inches is way too big.

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I have the Samsung Galaxy Note II and that is just about as big as I can handle. I get strange looks from even kids here in Japan. All say the same thing - - BIG! I see many of them being used in Singapore and the U.S., but Japanese tend to like smaller phones. I wouldn't go bigger than my Note II. But it does look nice. Saw it in Singapore and thought it was just a fake pirated one, but I guess it's authentic.

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Can you imagine slipping this behemoth into your jacket inner pocket?

well actually I rocked an even bigger 7 inch docomo Galaxy Tab for a couple of year as my only device. It slipped into a jacket inner pocket fine, winter coat outer pocket easily and slacks front pocket it fitted at a pinch. Only jeans were an issue.

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samsung is innovative, even if they also copy stuff. they have the money, and they are going through a lot of trial and error to hook people on some great high tech stuff. i am glad samsung exists, but i am extremely sorry for japanese, because at best they will get a crippled version of these products, completely under control of one of the mobile companies in japan.

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These large phones take more than one hand to operate them -so it's not for everyone. One nice thing about the Samsung Note II (5.5") was a battery that easily lasted all day.

Most tablets do not have the cell phone capability (must have wifi then skype etc). If the weight of this is much less than a 7" tablet, Samsung may be grabbing from this market also. A smart release ahead of Apple's plans also - Samsung probably had this phone ready to go a year ago and sat on it.

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If this bigger phone size continues, wouldn't it be simpler to just stick a phone onto a tablet?

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Samsung could make it even larger 8" smart phones, similar to Sony Tablet P, if you could fold your tablet in half and stick it in your pocket. It’s a tablet that folds in on itself, closing up into a clamshell when not in use.The main one is portability: When snapped shut it really does slip easily into your pocket, a jacket pocket, or even a small purse.

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I want it!

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"Smartphones are getting bigger as people use them more to watch movies"

Who would want to watch movies on a smartphone?

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I already think that a person using a Galaxy S4 looks ridiculous, out of proportion. We have yet to create a name for this thing, "ridiculous" is a light word for it.

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Can't wait to see some people slap these to their faces /s

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Why do you all care so much how you look like, a smartphone has never ever made a person look cool in the first place. A big phone has a lot of advantages and just a few disadvantages, now take a away the "ooh do I look cool holding this to my face or not", and you're only left with one doesn't fit in your tight hipster jeans...but for those delicate dressed men there's always the men purse.

Who would want to watch movies on a smartphone?

Anyone with a phone larger than 4.0 inch and the ability to play any format you throw at it.

Still I wonder what's the point of this phone, the note 2 and the upcoming note 3 blow it out of the water spec wise and size wise don't differ that much....

My next phone is a note 8, yep 8 inches of phone! Sure I can call using blue tooth, but it's much more fun to hold it against my face with one hand (some balancing involved) and the other hand free to give a reversed peace sign to all who care.

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Just hang it on your neck if it does not fit into your pocket. Kindly note, please book Chiropractic before you're going to hang phone on your neck.

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@Serrano, lots of people use their smartphones to watch movies, provided the screen is big and clear enough. Though if you're an iPhone user, I can understand why you'd think the way you do.

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Interesting product.

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There's a Note III coming out? Dang!

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