New Samsung phone marks break from Android


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Tizen... Not too sure about this one. Doesn't help that the specs of the Samsung Z are almost as outdated as the iPhone.

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Samsung stopped ripping-off ideas and created something of its own??? Amazing!!!...(jaw dropped here)...

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Sounds good --

But without a bountiful APPS ecosystem, Tizen OS might have a tough road ahead.

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South Korean doesn't have their own ideas. Mostly copied form US and Japan and claimed for their own innovations like the Commie Chinese.....

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ra19arcinas43Jun. 04, 2014 - 01:25AM JST South Korean doesn't have their own ideas.

The Samsung devices have completely different internals and user interface from the Apple offerings, the operating system isn’t at issue since Samsung didn’t develop it, but licensed it from Google. That leaves the fact that the Samsung products look similar to the Apple products? This was a lawsuit about patent infringement, not copyright infringement. So how exactly did Apple ever get a patent on a general shape or a color in the first place?

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