New space telescope reaches final stop million miles out


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What an accomplishment! Goes to show you what man can do (with a lot of money) to get things right, the first time! I know this is premature but I sure hope everything works as planned when they start taking pics! Planning this must have been gone over and over and over again, to make sure everything was right. What could possibly kill future space programs than a 10 billion dollar mistake! Way to go, ladies and gentlemen!

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Well done to everyone involved.

Unfortunately even if life is found using this telescope we won't be allowed to know as it would upset to many religions institutions.

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This is exciting. We're going to see things no one has seen before.

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Good there's still institutions doing science

Kudos this is what makes top countries

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Congratulations to ESA, NASA and CSA for this great achievement ;) and ofc the successful delivery to space by Ariane rocket.

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Amazing. very exciting.

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