New streaming apps could boost citizens' journalism


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i am sooooo tired of "citizens journalism" you can't open a paper or watch the news on TV without being told what some one tweeted about something. tedious. and lazy.

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I hope you realize the irony of your comment, @Kaerimashita.

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i am also tired of hearing what anyone (celebs, people in the street) tweeted in response to something happening.

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Let's all comment on how tired we are of people commenting on news!

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This would be great... if we could teach the people using it that they are NOT Walter Cronkite and we don't need to hear their running commentary during the video stream.

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...they are NOT Walter Cronkite and we don't need to hear their running commentary during the video stream.

So true. They go ONE BETTER than Walter Cronkite by actually being there at the moment the incident occurs rather than tucked away in a studio awaiting the arrival of the footage. Welcome to the modern world, we're all potential photo journalists.

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@Geoff, you are RIGHT on the money! Now, the police etc...will have to think of other ways of bashing in brains, or just plain shooting dead unarmed Blacks, Latinos the USA, so just as any other technology, it is a DOUBLE EDGED SWORD. Now also imagine AL AQAEDA,, ISIS or ISIL whatever the Flavor of the month new name they want to use, if Joe Blow in Main Street Any Town USA can use this technology, you can bet your sweet pattuty that the Jihadi Johns of the world can not wait to start using this technology to start stabbing away into the NECKS, THROATS etc..of their next soft target victims. (I am quite sure it is ONLY A MATTER OF TIME.)

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