New undersea cable will speed US-Japan connection


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"Built by Japan’s NEC Corporation, the project was backed by China Mobile International, China Telecom Global, Global Transit, Google, KDDI and Singtel." this was pleasant reading ,the Asian business community working hand in hand, away from the usual political rhetoric

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This is all fine, except that the latency and bandwidth throttle has always been from San Francisco (where trans-Pacific cable start/end) to anywhere else in the US. Latency and connectivity to just a few hundred miles inland will be worse than all the way across the Pacific.

The U.S. has a third-world digital infrastructure. The U.S. taxpayers paid the major providers, by way of federal funding, enough money 8 years ago to build out high-speed internet to almost every household, but the companies took the money and did nothing. It was actually criminal theft.

There is no comparison in quality of service between Japan and the U.S. I was one of the first people to get fiber in Kanagawa pre-2000. My connectivity and service has been remarkably great in Japan. In the US (and my US place is in a wealthy area) can only be discribed as "crap."

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@domtoidi What's the baud rate for crap? ;) I remember using a 1200bps modem... :D

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God I hope this improves my online gaming connections. So many of these games, the server is in the U.S. and the lag means death.

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1200 bps modem? I remember having to dial the old style pulse telephone, listen for the tone, then push the handset into the acoustic coupler on the teletype! 300 bps and we were happy! No CRT or monitor - strictly paper and punch tape. This was cutting edge!

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Shoot, my first computer was wood burning.

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My 1st computers were Sinclair zX80 Spectrum, and Commodore C64. An Olivetti M24 was priced like a 2ltr Sedan.

1st job Job submission was via IBM Cards, swapping tape reels and disk drives.

Monitors where still Hercules and either green or amber, CGA and more came later. Daily data transfers with 1200baud modems took a few tries.

But we had fun on Bulletin Boards on the Internet.

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An undersea cable backed by Google and Asian companies aimed at boosting trans-Pacific broadband was put into service on Thursday,

Sure, it's all fun and games until Godzilla tears it to pieces.

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The cable will have a capacity of 60Tb/s (wikipedia). Or about 1000 DVDs per second, I think, which does dound all that fast.

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The oldest computer I used was a Vax 11-750. I could type faster than it could display the characters. Ugh!

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Some one told me that there are new things called "transistors" or some sort of new fangled things, Valves all the way for me!! It just goes to show how far technology has progressed in not only 30 years, but 20 year or less than that.

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Actually, the USA will likely have have world-class home Internet speeds by the end of 2017. Comcast plans to roll out gigabit speed Internet to homes using the DOCSIS 3.1 standard, and AT&T is preparing to roll out DSL with over 200 megabits per second speeds very soon.

I think Google built this new undersea cable because they know with the USA soon to get widely-available super-fast Internet, they will need faster connections to other parts of the world.

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