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New wave of robots set to deliver the goods


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Eventually humanity will depend completely on robots, drones, and other automated machines. Time to buy stock in SkyNet.

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Will put Takyubin workers out of a job.

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Before robots run in crowds every time, these seem definitely needed to be checked by police bomb squad.

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Good point kwatt, but they should simply be illegal around crowds - same as drones.

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"The lids of the devices are locked until the customer opens it with a smartphone. If anyone tries to steal it, an alarm will sound, and if it is hijacked the company can track it “to the nearest inch," this technology is something all car makers should incorporate in their cars.

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It's so small and low. Is it for Hobbits?

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These will work until people figure out how to steal from them...

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Would not work in Australia, There is always groups of drunks walking home on any night of the week. I can just see a group of these Aussie stopping one of these units, asking to buy a pizza. If not forth coming they would try a take the pizza off the drone and leave the money.

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