Newest iPods get it right, as expected

By Rachel Metz

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I love my little Video Nano. Very small and decent quality. Sad they are doing a very Japanese thing of taking away features that people like.

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Interesting how the prices are quoted in dollars. With the current exchange rate, we should be paying MUCH less than that here in Japan, but someone in the middle is making a lot of money.

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yes, and the itunes store is the same. I won't buy anything from the itunes store until they fix their pricing.

I think with exchange rates the way they are, many will wait until they go overseas to buy.

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iTunes is all well an' good...expensive though...some other music sites are better and cheaper...and still legal in Russia.

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Hmm. This is something to consider. My current Shuffle is wearing out on me, so it would be nice to get a newer, updated one. Will have to set aside some yen for this.

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New iPod Touch with a camera and built in mic? I want one! One of my friends bought a new 64GB iPod Touch last year. Do ya reckon he is not peeved? The new one is cheaper with a lot more fruit. Where is my credit card?

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Awesome work again from Apple. They simply cannot be beat.

Noborito: I might be wrong, but they could well continue making the previous model so that people can choose.

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Amazing. Apple keeps pushing the limit.

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