NHK WORLD TV now available for Android smartphones in Japan


NHK has launched a live‐streaming application of NHK WORLD TV, NHK’s international English TV channel, for domestically‐used Android OS smartphones.

NHK WORLD TV’s live‐streaming has been available on its website or via iPhone and iPad in Japan and overseas to make it easier for people to access and enjoy its programs. Last February, NHK started providing apps for Android OS overseas.

NHK said the new service for domestic smartphones will allow a wider number of people living in Japan to enjoy NHK WORLD TV shows live.

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They finally found a way to get free-loading foreigners to register their names with NHK through android.

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I have been using it on my iPhone since the beginning and I did not have to register for it.

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So they can now charge people with phones an NHK fee?

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I can see it now....excuse me, do you have an android phone? Pay now!

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The App is a memory hog. The developer needs to offer the option of installing onto the SD card. Most android phones have very limited internal memories which are already tasked to their limits by the totally unnecessary, unwanted and non-removable bloatware Japanese carriers put on their phones.

I had to uninstall it even before I had a chance to test it out.

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That is funny cnc.

They do the same to their windows computers too but not macs. bloat the heck out of them.

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gogogoOct. 23, 2012 - 09:37AM JST

So they can now charge people with phones an NHK fee?

Sounds just like it. They seemed to have issues with the oneseg free (which, as neither digital terrestrial or satellite is technically out of their reach no matter how much they pout)

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Works on Nexus 7... Great :)

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