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Nikon unveils wireless headset for digital content

By Taro Fujimoto

Nikon Corp on Tuesday unveiled a wireless headset called UP (yu-pi) to develop digital content business. The UP300 is a headphone-style audio visual image viewer that enables users to enjoy watching visual contents and browsing websites through a built-in wireless LAN. It features a display and movie player with 4 to 8 giga-byte memory, enabling users to watch other visual contents stored in i-Pods or mobile phones by connecting through a USB port by a retractable single-eye display as well as listening to music in the same manner.

Nikon said it is targeting male consumers in their 20s to 30s, and expects to sell 3 million units worldwide by 2013.

The company will also start a streaming and downloadable content service for UP called “UP LINK.” The service will be free for the time being.

Advance reservations for UP will start on Oct 15 only at the company's online site “UP Store” and it will be delivered to customers from the middle of December. The price will be 59,800 yen for 4G-byte standard model and 69,800 yen for 8G-byte advanced model with censor detecting moves of head to control it.

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20 - 30 year old males? There will be a rise in road accidents as a result of this.

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" ...with censor detecting moves of head to control it."

Censorship ... it's everywhere! We need to be careful what we allow those 20- to 30-year-old males to see.


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