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Nintendo announces new console for 2017 as profits dive


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When your profit relies on the exchange rate you know you are in trouble.

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Nintendo here are some tips to gain more popularity in the gaming community.

More online capabilities with popular Nintendo classics.

Mario Party Online. Legend of Zelda RPG. Metroid Shooter/ Online Next installment of Mario Strikers. Megaman Platform Creator (Similar to Mario World Creator) You can create your own boss too that other people can fight. Super Dodgeball Online (First Person View)

Hope that helps!

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Stop making only kiddy games and make more games for adults. GTA, and other games!

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I hope they do better with the NX, but from the looks of it the Wii looks more mature.

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Wii-U already has replacement within just 5 years.

Meanwhile, this may be the beginning of the end for PS Vita and PSTV outside Japan, with no replacement:

Tweakers notes that the portable console is still available to buy in other countries in Europe such as Germany, France and England. It’s possible Sony is just stopping support in smaller countries first before ending the system entirely worldwide.

The PS Vita sadly never got a chance to shine as it came out too late in a market where people play games on smartphones and tablets. The Nintendo 3DS managed to survive thanks to its strong library of first party games, but Sony didn’t support the Vita for that long.

In October, Sony made it ​​officially known they themselves would no longer develop more games for the Vita, but leave it to third-party developers.

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You look at the best selling games from the past few years - GTA5, Uncharted series, Fallout et all. What do they all have in common? Adult-focused with compelling story lines. I can empathise with the predicament that Nintendo finds it itself in, but really the writing's been on the wall for years.

Just look at the marketing they use here in Japan. Boy / girl band members playing together casually. It's extremely outdated & an unrealistic reflection the gaming community. They're nothing but casual gamers who spend very little on games. Gamers have money!

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And yet, Nintendo has been profitable most years, despite the low console sales. Sony though? Sony has been cutting off whole branches of its business, like Vaio laptops and Sony telephones.

Even if profits have dropped, Nintendo still is profitable. Why would they throw out everything they know and excel at - cute, family-friendly content - to just become one of the many "mature" game developers? That's not what Nintendo is about. It's about enjoying games and having fun with your friends. You want to play GTAV, there's nothing stopping you. I like playing GTA too. But I also enjoy Super Mario Maker, Mario Kart etc. It's not direct competition.

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@VesnaDrofenik Bad comparison, you do know that Sony is a diverse corporation right ? While Nintendo is just a gaming company. Sony is in deep trouble because of the other divisions such as you said, Vaio, Smartphone and TV. Their health/medicine, finance, entertainment were and STILL profiting. Especially their gaming division Sony Interactive Entertainment aka PlayStation, which is like the main source of their profits. With that being said, i agree with you completely about Nintendo shouldn't switch to something they're not familiar with. But that's not a good reason to attack Sony for no appearance reason... unless you're a typical fanboy/girl.

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