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Nintendo chief promises to do Wii U launch right

By Yuri Kageyama

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I don't think there were mistakes, per se, in the selling of the 3DS is the console itself is just a mistake. And '3D' is misleading. And once again all Nintendo seems to have to offer, aside from a few good sports games, is 'flavour of the month Mario (cart)'.

Anyway, I just wouldn't bother investing in any new game consoles -- they become outdated in shorter and shorter time periods, but more importantly I'm not home enough to get into it. Iwata is correct in that smart phones and tablet devices, etc. have put a dent in the market, and that will continue to be the case, methinks. The best part about them is, and this IS of course the case to an extent with newer game consoles as well, there's no need for external software -- you download it, and update it constantly. The phones, of course, are another issue.

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the Wii U will come with a strong game lineup at the launch

Hmm, lemme take a quick stab in the dark at this.... Mario (in some form) Zelda, Metroid? The same three tired franchises that they have been riding since 1985 or so.

The lack of innovation in Japanese game design is generally appalling and makes me want to bite my own face.

The REASON the 3DS did not perform was because there were no titles that anyone cared about and people are sick of paying full price for handheld games when they can get about 15 or more fun and INNOVATIVE titles off the Apple App Store or the Android Market for about half the price.


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This guy better get the launch right or he is gonna be on the street waving an orange baton soon. I feel really sorry for Nintendo employees and shareholders. This company has a lot of potential, but they need to embrace the new technologies and license their games for internet or iPad access.

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I just wouldn't bother investing in any new game consoles -- they become outdated in shorter and shorter time periods

@smithinjapan, I have to strongly reject this statement. Usually gaming consoles had a lifetime of around 4 years. Especially PS3 and Xbox360 have by far surpassed the shelflife of their predecessors. With internet connectivity, harddrives and the possibility to ubdate the consoles firmware that comes along with these features gaming consoles actually keep up with current trends much longer then before. Also, how is external software that comes on a disk any different to software that is downloaded? Often times even the pricepoint is not that much different (considered we are talking about similar production value behind the content of course).

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We need fewer consoles and more games. That's what made the PS2 so strong.

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We need fewer consoles and more games. That's what made the PS2 so strong.


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Iwata’s comments also showed Nintendo is growing less cautious about the Internet, which in the past it had brushed off as mainly for hard-core gamers.

Companies that are not innovative to keep up with the time will become a distant memory.

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