Nintendo chief unimpressed with iPad


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What else was he going to say? Wow, can't wait to get one?

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Apple says the iPad is a new kind of mobile device that is more intimate than a laptop but is packed with more functions than a mobile phone.

Somehow getting more "intimate" with something called an iPad just doesn't do it for me.

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Nintendo chief = iPad envy

While Jobs did look pretty silly holding what appeared to be an over-sized iPod, the gadget has a lot of great features. iPad will likely crush Kindle and Apple will take over the eBook market. But I don't think it will end there.

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Boss is unimpressed but Nintendo stock was down 4.1% today.

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I'm unimpressed because all I do is drink beer and watch movies on TV. What has Apple got for me?

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"Apple says the iPad is a new kind of mobile device that is more intimate than a laptop but is packed with more functions than a mobile phone."

I love Apple products, but a 9 inch device is hardly intimate as a portable and maybe too small to be so for using at home. Plus it doesn't really do anything a iphone or ipod touch does. I just don't see the market other than people who just want a big ipod touch.

I also think he is right about 3d TV. What will it do to your eyes over time?

Nintendo has been very intelligent about gaining market share. Wii are kid and elder friendly, most games are multi-player and great for couples or families to enjoy together. Then there are all the health oriented games. Other companies should learn from this example.

While the graphics on others are lovely, the limitations on what titles are family to multi-player friendly has kept a lot of people I know out of the market.

Ipad will not help in this regard either.

I love my Macbook Pro for doing something productive and my iphone as a PDA, audio and video viewer. And it fits in my pocket when the train is too crowded or when I don't want to hold it anymore. That is great design at work.

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If it was bigger iPod touch it would be good news actually!

Instead it is out of proportion BIG - hence no room in my pocket for such a device.

Look at the auto GPS competition right now! The small to average sized portable devices win over the pre-installed in the car overpriced bigger navigation systems.

If someone can make GPS navigation that can also do the stuff iTouch does it will be winner. Don't forget to add oneseg TV & game slot!

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Many people at Sony (PS3) were unimpressed when the Wii came out --just did not understand the playability of the Wii.

iPhone/iPad GPS - 3G version works incredibly well at GPS (cell). However once you get away from cell towers you really want the satelitte GPS. Most new phones have great GPS now.

iPad- the computer you take with you intimately. Quick start-up = who waits for 2 minutes for their phone to turn on -many computer users (Windows users typically) do.

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But just who will take it with them is the question. If you compare capability, the smaller units already do almost everything this new item does. And you can put them in your pocket.

This thing is really too big to stand on a crowded train or bus and work with. It is too big to hold and type with one hand. And you are going to have to care about protecting the touch screen. So dropping it in your bag quickly will also take more care.

Now if it ran real applications like office, various creative tools etc... I could see practical users adopting it over laptops since they don't have to worry about opening it and caring about the screen. But it doesn't do any of those things. It is just like an iphone.

Could also see video making great inroads, but again it is too big to stand and hold for a long time. And it will be hard to handle in crowded places without fear of dropping it or simply being unable to see it.

Plus it only plays mp4 video so much of the higher quality video won't work on it anyway.

How fast it starts up only matters if there is something useful, easy, practical and portable to do with it once it is on. Otherwise buy an iphone and save yourself some space in your day to day baggage.

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'Kindle Killer' I don't think so. For a start, there is a kindle app already for it, 10 hours battery, backlit bright screen and 1.5lb is not very nice for extended reaading. Kindle is actually pretty good. Oh, and $800+ (that the US price) for a 3G vervion vs. $260 for a kindle. No thanks.

Ah, it can do so much more you say, sure, can it do more than an iPhone? No, I didn't think so.

What about a netbook killer? Well, my netbook has 160GB HDD, a keyboard and mouse built in, 10 hours battery life, wifi, wired network, usb ports for peripherals and bluetooth. Oh it only cost $340 or so...

The iPad is cool, its a gadget, heck, I want one. No idea what I'd use it for though, it wouldn't replace my other devices at wha they do.

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there is an interesting article on kotaku about the ipad that discusses some of its glaring weaknesses. (though, to be fair, most end users aren't tech savvy enough to care about them...)

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I'm unimpressed with it myself. It's just a larger ipod touch. With no usb inputs either? No cd/dvd rom? huh? My small netbook running windows can do a heck a lot more then an ipad and is very very portable.

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Hubris from Nintendo, it is time for them to take a hit, aren't they #2 in market cap in Japan right after Recall KK (Toyota)

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"I have doubts whether people will be wearing glasses to play games at home. How is that going to look to other people?”

Well, it is "at home" so I don't think its so odd. I find people walking around in public with "mini telephones" strapped to their ears more bizarre. Half the time they appear to be schizoid- just babbling into the wind.

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“I have doubts whether people will be wearing glasses to play games at home. How is that going to look to other people?” he said.

How quickly we forget the Virtual Boy

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Iwata-san displays the kind of austerity that makes Nintendo popular and affordable.

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Newsflash: rival unimpressed with competing product....

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Let's ask Steve Jobs how impressed he is with his rivals. Like Google's Nexus One... I'm sure we will hear an unbiased answer. Or how about asking Sony and Samsung's new flat screen TV's? Sure we will get the straight scoop.

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Yes, I remember how unimpressed Softbank rivals were with the Iphone. We all remember how that turned out...

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iPad now comes with wings.

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