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Nintendo delays launch of smartphone video game

By Ritsuko Ando

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Appification is a bit like Turkeys longing for Christmas, but the choice is: cannibalise your legacy business vs wave your business goodbye. Smart move, Nintendo.

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Nintendo want release all the bundle package in 2016 mobile games, PC content, NX and handle device 2 in 1 and My Nintendo (iTunes version Nintendo) NX Will better version of PS Vita remote control from PS 4 without 4G, roaming data and WiFi connection. You don't like remote control handle device not a problem play casual games in your iOS or Android devices. You have an important meeting and you wanna conitue your game sure take your control remote handle device with you and continue playing when you left when you back you will continue playing in your TV. Your developer are tired make it two versions of the game home con old and portable console with two different softwares not a problem with the new NX Kit you will have the tools to make 2 in 1 (Like in Windows 10 the same papa for PC will work in Windows 10 Mobile) Tired for not get reward point (BestBuy Game Reawrd) not a problem with the new My Nintendo you will earn point to redeem, coupons, tracking purchase choice to suggest games( Like in Amazon), special events and perks and Android Wallet or IOS Wallet options also Nintendo smart move!

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