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Nintendo reports loss despite Pokemon Go global success


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Maybe it's because they didn't make Pokemon Go? Surprised we haven't heard more news about Niantic stock.

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I'm not to surprised by this, given that they are talking about a new console coming out soon, and how when the Wii-u cam out how it didn't take them to long to shut down all the extra's for the wii system and that the Wii-u supported all the same stuff the Wii does, which both support the gamecube games. I'd guess that a lot of people who haven't already gotten a wii-u are pondering if they should wait for the next console to come out, which if the trend continues will support everything from the game cube onwards, will not have it's online features discontinued shortly and get to play all the new games for probably about the same price as it looks like the Wii-u is still in the same price range as other current gen systems that don't have the next gen about ready to spring on them. So I can see sales being quite down. plus Wii managed to strike an interesting balance between casual and regular that the Wii-u did not, likely because the casual players weren't interested in upgrading their wii's while the few games they wanted stil play fine on the wii they have.

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