Nintendo says year-end Wii U sales steady


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it is a great system, sales will climb on the release of some of their key franchises. Mario Kart, Animal crossing and the likes will make the Wii-U a must own in the near future

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I can't wait for Monster Hunter, Wii U Fit U and like you said, more great titles to come. The gamepad adds a great feel to the game play, now they need to get the better games out in North America.

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Wonder how long this system is going to last. If MS or Sony releases a new console next year (doubtful, unless end of year), then the Wii U is going to fall on it's face.

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Is the Wii U region locked?

I recall you couldn't buy foreign Wii games to work with a Japanese version, but the DS wasn't region locked.

Is the menu locked in Japanese?

The Wii menu was locked in Japanese. I could get around it somewhat, but it was a pain.

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Yes the Wii U is region locked, even the game pad is region locked!! drives me mad as there are so many games I want to play on the 3DS from Japan but unless I but a second console I am stuffed!

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