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Nintendo shares dive on loss warning


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I own a Wii U. I bought it to play Pikmin3. That is the oNLY game for the console I own. It seems to me Nintendo does everything, but make games.

Nintendo is failing because they won't make any games until their console sales have satisfied their forecast. They're playing a sick game with the consumer and it's really hurting them in return. Their in-your-face attitude, 'we won't make any worthy games until our quotas are met,' is complete disaster for the company. They build the most cutting edge console their is, release it early, and refuse to develop any platform games for it since Pikmin3. D:

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Nintendo totally dropped the ball with Wii U. As Alex mentioned - a few games and/or content = a few customers. I bought my kids a Wii U - so far it's been collecting dust, as there's not a whole lot content for download or for sale that my kids enjoy. I tiny hard drive (8Gb / 32Gb) in the Wii U is something that's unforgivable in this day and age of content that's usually starting at the 4Gb or larger file size range.

I've found the tablet to be an interesting element to some of the games for the Wii U, but why does the tablet have to so bulky and with limited functionality. It hasn't been until recently that Nintendo has even offered gaming content that allows usage of the tablet. I hope that Nintendo doesn't let the Wii U wither on the vine and die, that would be a total disappointment of what could be a family friendly console. Not everyone wants to play games with their younger kids that involve eviscerating your opponents in full 1080p resolution.

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An example of my complaints as a Wii fan and why I would not buy a WiiU yet: the controller often is nonresponsive. When you are playing 007 and about to shoot the other guy and lose control of your gun because you move too fast that totallly sucks. In addition, playing 007 with 4 players is really fun but each of the 4 screens for each player really loses definition because of the low horsepower.

On the positive note, the Wii does have a lot of games if you search online such as at Amazon (e.g., Excite Truck is awesome). I cannot understand at all why Toyzrus or other retailers have so few Wii games however.

Good luck Nintendo!

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We will see what happens when smash bros. Come out.

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You wanna know what sells consoles Nintendo? Games! You have to put games on your console in order for it to sell. Games give a person a reason to but a console. Lack of games(although there are a few good ones), plus the fact you made the console super difficult for people to develop games one, is really hurting you.

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