Nintendo Switch game console to go on sale in March


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30'000yen it costs, but its like buying a car without the wheels, youll have to spnd so much more to make it useful

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worst pre launch ever, with virtually nothing out on launch much as a fan boy that i am i can't see there being another home console from Nintendo after this. Add to that outrageous controller costs for a system with no games is beyond stupid.

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After the way the WiiU was handled, with very few games released, I told my son "never again".

But ... Mario Odyssey ...

Fortunately, it is not a launch title, so I have time to save up enough points to get one for free by the time it comes out in the winter.

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The home/portable concept is really cool though. But every launch: Mario, Smash Bros. and Zelda...again. Just more of the same.

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