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Nintendo to allow same-sex marriage in latest 'Fire Emblem' game


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I'm not a gamer, but I am a gaymer. Glad to see this. They did it in the US, and in Shibuya. Let's get modern and make it the law of the land.

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A load of nonsense

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Will this be followed by same-sex adoptee children and resulting dissatisfaction as adults as in the real world? What a load of nonsense, as Christopher Glen says.

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What garbage

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What garbage

Yeah, what better way to ruin someones life than to allow two groupings of bits/bytes hat have their 'sex' both set to zero, or one. Sinners.

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than to allow two groupings of bits/bytes hat have their 'sex' both set to zero, or one to marry.
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What garbage

True enough

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The move comes after the board game-turned-console behemoth was forced to apologise for excluding same-sex relationships in an earlier game.

Why was Nintendo apologizing at all? People whined and the techs changed a setting. Problem solved.

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Big deal. Skyrim had that feature. And forced to apologize? Why do gay people have to force their lifestyle down everyone else's throats. Like john waters said "being gay isn't enough anymore." Get over yourselves already.

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I thought the gays got what they wanted with that SCOTUM ruling. Why are we still hearing about it? LEAVE VIDEO GAMES OUT OF IT! (Especially where children are involved.)

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I fail to see any harm in this whatsoever. Whether people are gay or straight, whether they're confused or certain about themselves, they deserve to be treated equally. I don't see why this is an issue in games, nor should it be an issue in real life.

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Interestingly, the most vocal reaction to the story is coming from people opposed to Nintento's decision.

And someone above had the audacity to whinge about gays forcing their lifestyle down people's throats? Oh, the delicious irony.

BTW, Whatsnext, I can't think of many things more embarrassing than coopting another person's words in a way that is not only flagrantly out of context, but also in a way that is very nearly diametrically opposed to the original intended meaning.

The fuller Waters quote comes from advice given in his 2015 commencement speech to Rhode Island School of Design graduates:

Refuse to isolate yourself. Separatism is for losers. Gay is not enough anymore. It’s a good start, but I don’t want my memoirs to be in the gay section near true crime at the back of the bookstore next to the bathrooms.

His message was for graduates to not settle with labels that pigeonholed them and to strive to be more.

Or, as many social conservatives constantly like to bleat about, don't make your sole identity a gay one.

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A person is a person. What they do with other consenting adults is their business.

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