Nintendo to launch Wii U; Super Mario jumps to new level


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Well that's just great. But I said it before and I'll say it again, to much game playing is a monumental waste of ones life, you only have a short time on this earth. Use it wisely. And it is a bit pricey...

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You would do far better giving your advice to the 8 out of 10 people who watch television for 5 hours a day.

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Meh Wii is fun for 5 minutes plus there are not so many games nor interesting games compared to the Playstation. Also..... Mario...again? im starting to get bored of that Italian plumber.

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A lot of fans is requesting for "super mario bros.3" remake. If they do it will be a big hit!

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Regarding using your time wisely, I think that wisely means doing what you enjoy. So if you enjoy gaming, get in as much as you can before you die!

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E=sports is growing and people are getting paid big money for wasting their life of passion for playing video games. Do what you want games are fun and who doesn't like having fun!

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Wow! Another Mario game??? Bore me to death, please. When something original comes up, let me know.

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Confession: I never played any of the Wii games.

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Another Mario game. How about something new Mario, Nintendo like RPG Mario?

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