Nintendo to stop making Wii console for Japan market


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i think nintendo needs to focus theirs efforts in wii U if they want to sell it because in Europe the sale are drop every week. I love nintendo games, actually i have the 3DS LL and i love it, but nintendo can´t launch a new console and customers have to wait one year to get games for the new console, this happen everytime that nintendo launch a new stuff, don´t understand why they make it. With my first 3ds I was waiting a year without using because there wasn´t games with the new 3ds LL happend the same, apart the hight price (350€ launch day)

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They new portable console was very ugly. It seemed like a portable TV used in bathroom with cheap plastic.

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who cares one way or the other!

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" “So this is part of the transition of our products to new models.”

This is saying they are making way for something new.

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i am a nintendo fan and find this kinda sad. i love the wii.

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If the Wii u is back-compatible then why not stop the Wii altogether?

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As least they don't losing money like Sony and Microsoft and the 3DS is doing great, they need to focus on 1st party titles for the WiiU, those will sell systems.

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Why Dump the WII? Is the WIIU doing so great then?

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I wouldn't exactly say that Nintendo is locked in a war with Sony and Microsoft for dominance. Sony and Microsoft are locked in a war for one audience and Nintendo covers a completely different one. Unfortunately for Nintendo, theirs doesn't bring in as much money.

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